10 Tips On How to Be a Perfect Wife to Your Husband

how to be a perfect wife to your husband

Perhaps you have been that perfectly hot and sexy girlfriend while you dated your husband. The days were fun filled and romance were the only thing in the air. Those sunny long drives merging into the rusty dusk of the evening, and you sighed and hoped this lasted all the way for both of you.  But life is not all fun and frolic, and definitely not after the most demanding and adjusting bond called marriage. The scenario does change. And it changes a lot. No, I am not asking you to cut your romance and the fun out of your life because you have married, on the contrary it should get all the more better. But this time, with some more maturity and responsibility. Now you are committed to your husband for the entire life. And sure you have to go a long way, perfectly doing that balancing act on the pole. There are added responsibilities now. To make sure your marriage is bliss. To make sure you are loved equally by your husband for being the most lovable wife. Yes, I know that, dear. I do have the best tips and solutions on how to be a perfect wife to your husband, which I would love to share with you. If you follow these, I’m sure you’ll get compliments like “my good wife”, my loving wife” and many more.

It is definitely turning into a new phase of life not only for you, but also for your husband. Both the equal efforts of the husband and the wife contribute to the success of a happy and prosperous family. Remember, there is no formula to be the perfect wife. You have to find your way of perfection. Here are the best marriage tips every wife needs to hear. 

Simple Steps to Become a Better Wife

Being a good wife is not anything difficult. You just need to follow some good thoughts for husband and wife relationship,

The Home Is Where The Heart Dwells

simple steps to be a better wife

  • Yes, I know you can’t agree more.
  • When you are building home with your husband, it is your ultimate nest to nestle and snug.
  • Give your beloved a home, where he yearns to come back to, no matter where he is.
  • Make sure you have rightly decorated with the right ambience of comfort and peace.
  • Make sure there is a perfect harmony of love and care, music and laughter.
  • This is just another simple ways to be a great wife.

Treat All With Equal Love And Respect

Tips for a better husband and wife relationship

  • There are several ways to be a better wife. But the secret of every successful married couple is the unconditional love and respect for each other. What a wife needs from a husband? To be loved from the bottom of his heart? Then you do the same
  • Marriage is the ultimate bond of all emotions and sentiments.
  • It is a bond of give and take.
  • If you wish to be loved and respected, you need to give equal respect and love to your husband. Not only your husband, but all the other family members, friends and relatives as well.
  • You need to be the Queen Bee dear, of your home. Make yourself doting in the eyes of your husband.
  • Make sure all your bonds are honest and strong. He will love you for that.
  • This is how to be a perfect wife to your husband.

Happiness Is The Other Side Of Contentment

How can I be a better wife to my husband

  • Isn’t this obvious? Contentment comes when there are less complains.
  • The heart feels good and the mind is at peace.
  • Think positive and put an earnest effort to brighten up your home.
  • Be relaxed and make sure you have a plan for the day. Work accordingly.
  • Set priorities for each day, and make sure they all work out positively.
  • A proper planning for the whole day will prevent you from being clumsy and stressed.
  • If you are at peace with yourself, happiness will not be far away from your home. And your vibe is sure to make your husband a happy man.
  • You can be the best wife to your husband in this way.

Be His Best Friend

How can I be a better wife to my husband

  • How to communicate with your spouse is another way to show your love and care.
  • Compassion is one of the best Qualities a Good Wife Must Have.
  • Nothing will make him feel better when he knows that he is living with his best friend.
  • Share his thoughts and ideas.
  • Make sure you know his day, his happiness and setbacks.
  • Please get rid of your ego.
  • Never nag him over little issues. This will sure put him off.
  • You did not marry your boyfriend to compete with him.
  • Be by side in his every needs and wants.
  • Hold his hand silently and take as small walk together, let silence do the bonding between you.
  • Encourage and appreciate his every effort to give you a better life. Set up small surprises to cheer him up and acknowledge his earnest efforts. You got how to be a better wife?

Give Him The Best Sex

 How to communicate with your spouse

  • Undoubtedly, this should be your forte.
  • Give the steamiest sex.
  • Have full knowledge about what he likes and how he likes.
  • Be bold and unabashed.
  • Be what you are. Prove to him, you are as good as ever.
  • Try little games and fantasies.
  • Pamper him and love him the most.
  • If you think “How can I be a better wife to my husband”, love him intently. This is something what husband expects from wife.
  • Sex is your best opportunity to prove your love for your husband. You should score the highest.

Dates Are For Ever

ways to be a better wife

  • Tips for a better husband and wife relationship include a lot of romance.
  • Never let the romance die.
  • If you want to know how to be a perfect wife to your husband, recreate your old memories as often as you can.
  • Your husband will love that. Sometimes, when the marriage is quite a few years old, melancholy sets in.
  • Every day, sometimes becomes a routine.
  • These are the times your husband will look back to the old days of fun and frolic, to the excitement and the thrill of the yesteryears.
  • Set up little dating games, make it hot and sexy, and see how your husband enjoys them.

Be The Charismatic Chef

simple ways to be a great wife

  • Trust the proverb, it is all time true.
  • The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  • This concept never ever changed since it has been coined.
  • Know his favorite dishes.
  • Prepare sumptuous meal and surprise him with new recipes.
  • You will be praised in home and outside as well.
  • Trust me; your reputation will spread far and wide.
  • I am sure; you will not miss that corner gaze and the happy curve of his lips.

Give Him His Space

good thoughts for husband and wife relationship

  • Do not try to change him.
  • You did not marry to see a different person in your boyfriend.
  • He is a complete individual, with his own perception of things.
  • You need to respect that. He is your husband, yes, but not your pet.
  • You need to give him his space to be himself, whenever he desires.
  • He will love you for that.
  • You will get your space in return. This is one of the best and simple steps to be a better wife.

Something for Husbands

marriage tips every wife needs to hear

If women dream about their prince charming, men also have an image of their future wife. If you’re dating your girlfriend so long, you must have thought something serious for your future. Have you found everything you were looking for a good wife? If not, then follow these tips on how to find a good wife in your girlfriend-

  1. Get out of your dreams.
  2. Respect her.
  3. Give her priority.
  4. Consult with her before taking any decision.
  5. Most importantly, love her without any reason.

Here are the best tips how to be a perfect wife to your husband.  I hope I could help you to settle up your mind regarding the things you were not quite very sure of. Trust me; all it takes is selfless love and honest intentions to make any home, a heaven on earth.

 I wish you all the best J