Know the Nutritional Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables everyday

benefits of eating fruits and vegetables everyday

The sheer happiness of life lies in the joy of living. A happy life is only attained when you have a healthy body and mind. A healthy body is the best asset in your life. But in today’s world of pollution and preservatives, often health takes its toll and leaves us depressed. But this world of fast food is so addictive that no matter what the red signs are, we tend to neglect all and indulge in its mouth watering divinity. But the results are really far-fetched. The fast foods cause our body more harm, than we can imagine. But we have a lot of other good things around us, gifted from nature, we happily avoid.

The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables everyday are abundant with natural vitamins and minerals which are main essential factors and the building mechanism for our healthy body. But we are really less aware of the goodness it all to do in our body and how. I would love to share with you the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables every day.

Why Is It Important to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Reduces the Chances of Heart Attacks

In today’s maddening rush, stress and depression is ruling the roost in everybody’s life. As a result diseases like heart attacks and strokes are on the rise. The epidemic of fast food is an added cause to this problem. If eating fruits and vegetables makes you more attractive.

  • In this scenario, if you eat one apple a day, then it reduces the risk of heart attacks by 20 %.
  • If you are taking fresh pure orange juice along with one banana every day, it reduces the risk of your heart disease by 50 %.
  • Eating 2 ½ carrots per day helps to lower the cholesterol remarkably, thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Get Rid of Cold and Cough for Ever

Nutritional Benefits of fruits and Vegetables in Your Daily Diet

With the increased level of pollution, infections like the cold and cough occurs oftener. It is irritating and depressing. And I know, it just sucks the life out your day.  Do you want to improve your immunity regarding cold and cough? There’s a delicious way to do it, you know.

  • Just increase the intake of fruits like the grapefruit, raspberries, strawberries, kiwis, red peppers and every other kind of citrus fruit that contain ample amount of Vitamin C.
  • This vitamin C is very effective in making your immune system very strong and thereby preventing you from vigorous attacks of cold and cough.

Bones and Skeletal System Get Nourished

Our locomotion and mobility is based on our skeletal system. That is our bones. It is very important to make sure that the bones are healthy and properly nourished.  After a certain age, generally after thirty, the bones start to become fragile and porous, leading to weakness in the limbs and joint pains. The diary products alone can never complete the deficiency in the bones. If you want to know the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables everyday its needful.

  • I would advise you to include generous portions of kale and broccoli every day, in your diet, to get the right amount of calcium in your bones.
  • Even one gram of onion can strengthen your bones and helps to make them stronger.

Cleanses Body Immune System and Keep Metabolism Healthy

The fiber is one of the most essential elements in a healthy body.  Fiber cleanses your system and keeps your metabolism healthy and regular. To get sufficient amount of fiber in your daily diet, include peas, beans, dried fruits, cabbage, dates and all kinds of berries are highly enriched with fiber.

Increases Memory Power

Eating fruits and Vegetables Makes You More Attractive

One of the most distressing feelings is when you start to realize that your memory is failing you. It is a depressing and helpless situation. And it is inevitable with old age. But if you are regularly taking a cup of blueberries along with your daily diets, then the risk of age related memory loss is lowered radically as it helps in the stimulation of brain cells. This is one of the main benefits of eating fruits and vegetables everyday when you are over thirty.

Reduce the Chances of Cancer

The health risk is everywhere. With the global warming and pollution, there is an alarming rise in the diseases like the skin cancer. It is mainly caused due to the effect of the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Advanced research works have proved that taking five to eight portions of colored fruits and vegetables like orange, red and yellow can prevent skin cancer radically.

  • Taking red colored fruits and vegetables, like the tomatoes, red pepper and watermelons, can reduce the risk of lung cancer far less.
  • High intake of regular fruits and vegetables also prevents stomach cancer as well.
  • Fiber is particularly effective in preventing fatal diseases like the prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Helps to Loss Body Weight Fast

Why is it important to eat fruits and vegetables

I would love to share this good news with you, that fruits and vegetables work wonders in reducing weights. Yes, trust me. Since almost all the fruits and vegetables contains very less calorie content, they actively help in reducing weight.  The vegetables and fruits are also high in water content and fiber, which is essential for weight loss as well.

Reduces the Stress

Taking a regular dose of green leafy vegetables and all kinds of fresh fruits, actively reduces stress and keeps your nerves calm, and at the same it is always good for your eyes as it prevents cataract.

Take Care of Skin, Hair and Eyes

The best part is, the more you take fresh fruits and vegetables, and it has a direct effect on your skin and hair. You won’t be able to avoid that bright glow in your skin and a healthy luster and shine in your hair. And with a bright twinkle in your eyes, you are all set to dazzle and look beautiful.

Now you know all the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables every day.  I hope you soon see a radical change in you and your energy level. You are sure to feel bright and healthy if you are taking enough fruits and vegetables daily.