Are You Carrying? Know the Benefits of Green Tea during Pregnancy

benefits of drinking green tea during pregnancy

Nothing can be as refreshing as the rightly brewed morning cuppa. There are variety of flavors and types to choose from. Amongst all, the green tea is certainly tops the popularity chart. It is full of anti oxidant that is beneficial for your health. But, what if you are carrying your little bundle of joy? How many cups are ok, once you are pregnant? Well, I’m going tell you the benefits of green tea during pregnancy and at the same time we can discuss the effects of green tea on pregnancy.

How is Green Tea Good for Health?

In general, yes, drinking any amount of green tea is healthy. It is the store house of anti-oxidants which is essential for your health. The anti-oxidants prevent cell damage and actively work against diabetes, high blood pressure and even check the possibility of heart diseases. It is also beneficial for your teeth and bones to some extent. Besides, organic green teas are effective to burn calories and lose weight. Therefore, you can’t possibly deny the advantages of green tea to your health.

Drinking Green Tea during Pregnancy – The Caffeine Effect

advantages of green tea to your health

So, there is no doubt about green tea is good for health or not. But once you are pregnant there will be restrictions and limitations which you need to follow ritually while you are drinking green tea during pregnancy.

  • We did discuss the health benefits of drinking green tea, and how the anti oxidants help in building the immune system in your body. Is green tea safe during pregnancy? Actually, green tea contains caffeine, like every other herbal tea. But, comparatively the amount is low. Before having it, you can consult your gynecologist.
  • However, consuming caffeine in large dose during pregnancy is not wise either.
  • Caffeine acts as barrier against absorbing folic acid into your system. And folic acid is one of the essential nutrients which are required by the body, especially during the first twelve weeks of would be moms.

The Positive Effects of Green Tea on Pregnancy

You’ve got enough information about green tea on health. You also know the risk factor due to the presence of caffeine. What are the benefits of green tea during pregnancy?

  • Gives Comfort from Morning Sickness– Undoubtedly, the first thing about the first cup of green tea in the morning is the comfort factor. Nothing like the fresh aromatic flavor to beat that nausea and the morning sickness.
  • Controls Cholesterol Level- During pregnancy, the obvious thing that happens to you is increase in the appetite. You are actually eating for your baby and yourself. But with the increase of appetite, your food intake increases as well. This results in the rise of cholesterol in the blood. With excess cholesterol, one might suffer from preeclampsia, which might turn out to be life threatening to the mother as well as the baby. Here, green tea can actually help in lowering the cholesterol level in blood. The polyphenol content in green tea effectively block the low density lipoprotein (LDL) from getting absorbed in the intestine and helps in excretion, indirectly helping in essential weight loss as well. This is one of the advantages of green tea for pregnant women.
  • Cures Gum Infection– A gum infection during pregnancy is a common health hazard. If you are suffering from periodontal infection, then it is really a painful situation. You will have difficulty in speaking and eating as well. It is a type of gum infection where there is a development of a lump on the inflamed tissues of the gum. Yes, it is painful though it is not harmful or cancerous. Since, green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties; it is effective in preventing gum disorders and gum infections. Therefore, the best green tea just might save you all the pain which can be caused from gum infections.

benefits of green tea during pregnancy

  • Reduces the Chances of Diabetes– A very common risk during pregnancy is developing gestational diabetes. What is it? Well, the placenta, the chord which is connected to you and your baby produces essential hormones to sustain the fetus and the mom during pregnancy. But the problem is, with the excess of hormone production, it becomes difficult for the insulin to absorb glucose from the blood and it also makes the cells resistant to insulin at the same time. Therefore there is a continuous rise in the blood sugar level resulting in diabetes, particularly, gestational diabetes. A cup of green tea every day can effectively reduce the risk of diabetes, particularly type 1diabetes in any pregnant mom.
  • Anti-depressant and Enhances Immunity– The anti oxidants present in the green tea also helps in regulating your mood swings which is another major side effect of pregnancy. It also helps to increase the regulatory T cells which actively help in boosting your immune system. These are some benefits of green tea during pregnancy.

Side effects of Having Excess Green Tea

  • If you drink too much of green tea, you consume more caffeine than is good for you. This will affect your baby’s health adversely. Large intake of caffeine might lead to health problems in your little one, such as, spina bifida, which is a neural disorder. Sure you don’t want to do this to your baby, right?
  • Excess quantity of drinking green tea during pregnancy has other side effects as well. The iron content from other vegetarian food is important for the body, when you are pregnant. But excess caffeine will prevent this absorption and thereby result in iron deficiency in the body. This will lead to anemia, which will be a bad affect on your baby.

Amount of Green Tea You Should Intake

effects of green tea on pregnancy

So, if you’re thinking of the benefits of drinking green tea during pregnancy, you should know how much caffeine or how many cups of green tea is good enough.

  • For your information, you should not consume more than 200mg of caffeine in a day, when you are pregnant. That makes a maximum of three to four cups of rightly brewed green tea in a day.
  • But if you are taking other caffeine contained food, like ice creams, chocolates and coffee, you have t o be careful and cut down on the number of cups of green tea you take. Your total consumption of caffeine should not cross 200 mg per day. In that case, it is advisable to go for two cups of green tea, throughout the day.

I hope I could clear all your doubts. So, you need not worry at all whether to take green tea while you are pregnant. But it is obvious that nothing is more important or more precious than your little bundle of joy. So nothing should go wrong with him. Hopefully, these benefits of drinking green tea during pregnancy with the limitations will surely help you to know the detail of it.