Best Healthy Low Calorie Tiffin Ideas For The Busy People


In our busy daily lives, we ignore the food we consume. We are living in a rapidly fast moving era. The era where we have seen the evolution of fast foods. The concept of fast foods does a real harm to our bodies. It is equally right that people does not even have better access to good and healthy food. If you are trying to lead a better and healthier life then eat a healthy breakfast at least. For the corporate people or any office goers, canteen is the only left out option. If you want to try out some best healthy low calorie tiffin ideas then you are just at the right place.

Monday Breakfast : Pita Salad

how to make low calorie tiffin recipes If you are brain stroming and thinking a lot about on Mondays then go for the healthy pitas. Pita salad have a detoxifying effect. With lots of cucumber, lettuce, chickpeas, red onions, whole white pita you will feel refreshed. It will give you less calories but you will not feel hungry for much longer. Your main aim should be low calories not no calories. So never starve. Have healthy breakfast including lots of salads. Rainbow salad is a also a good option. It contains lots of vegetables which you can add according to your choice.

Tuesday Meal : Pasta Salad

easy healthy low calorie recipes

You can make it easily with some leftover pastas. Put some shredded chicken, add carrots, capsicum, bell peppers, jalapeno, olives and little bit of olive oil and cheese. It tastes delicious and you will get lots of proteins too. It is an easy healthy low calorie recipe which you can carry at your office.

Detox Wednesday

easy healthy low calorie recipes

In the detox Wednesday try out beetroot and coconut soup with light tossed noodles. You can also start your add with herbal green tea. Green tea tastes better if you add lemon to it. In the detox diet, eat a fruit salad and also have fruit smoothie. I prefer banana smoothie but you can also try strawberry or kiwi smoothie too. I generally make few easy healthy low calorie recipes. Like I cut lots of apples and add it over a pitcher of water. Then after few hours I drink the water and the apples. I also add cucumber without peeling the skin in water and add half cut lemon in the water. I leave it overnight. Then I consume the drink the next day. Trust me it eliminates all the toxic elements from your body and makes it active.

Thunder Thursday

best low calorie snacks

If you are in the rush, then have brown rice with chicken. It contains richer fibres and proteins also. Add shitake mushrooms, green peppers, red onion and 1 tablespoon olive oil. It just contains 380 calories.

Finally Friday

easy healthy low calorie recipes

Babaganoush that is roasted eggplant is a best low calorie snacks. Add whole wheat pita, 1/4th cup pf hummus, few olives and 1/2 cup of babaganoush. With it you can have nonfat yogurt. In the yogurt add 1 tablespoon of honey and cinnamon. The little taste is refreshing for your taste buds.

Saturday Sunnies

how to make low calorie tiffin recipes

You can also make a low calorie omelet. The recipe is simple Add eggs, cheese, beans, tomato and salsa. It contains high amount of fiber and protein.

Tortillo is a Spanish omelette which is made with potatoes. Just smash the potatoes and add tomatoes, onion, and chillies. Then add it in the eggs and put the mixture in the potato. everyone loves to have it. It just below 250 calories. Cook it with olive oil.

Sundays Make It A Fun Day With Leftover Burger

best healthy low calorie tiffin ideas

One of my friends mom parceled this delicious burger. It is an easy healthy low calorie recipe. When I heard the recipe it is quick and easy to make. Take two breads. Then take the leftover chicken. Stir fry it with smashed potatoes and green peppers. Add little bit of spices. I prefer chilli flakes. You can also put egg. It will make the binding better. When it is cooked, make the filling. Then cut the breads like a circle with a cutter. Then put the filling and have it!