Get the Best Hairstyles for Long Thin Straight Hair


Many of us face the problems with thin hair. You do not get to style properly and you tend to complain about that a lot. That’s very common with us. But here are some hairstyles for long thin straight hair which will change your look completely and also will give you an elegant look. I am sure; you can be able to attract everyone’s attention if you try these stunning hairstyles for your beautiful long thin hair.

10 Best Hairstyles For Your Long Thin Hair

It is not quite easy to make a list of hairstyles for long thin straight hair within 10 points. But, we can’t spend every moment at our hair before going to an event, right? So, for your benefit, here are some creative ideas about the hairstyles with straight long hair-

The Blunt Look

This is like one of the easy looks when it comes to how to style thinning hair. It will also help you to cover a broad forehead. Just add bangs in the front and let the rest of the hair fall from the sides. You’ll look fine with this hairstyle.

Up Do’s

Hairstyle for thin hair must include this one as it helps you to hide thin hair. Whether you have curly or thin straight hair, hair up do’s can wonder to our hair and changes the look. It is also suitable for wedding occasions and also considered as one of the best hairstyles for thin hair.


how to hairstyles for long hair

This is not just the common braid. This is also called the interesting braid which is made to show off your thin hair and the wonder it can do. Collect strands of the hair from the sides and twist it lightly and secure it with rubber bands. Do it with few other strands creating a multiple fall. Add some hair clips. You will look awesome with this style. Consider this among the latest hairstyle for thin hair.


How to hairstyles with long hair is no more a tricky question as you know the tricks of this style. This hairstyle will help you to enhance your look with your thin hair. This hairstyle gets enhanced to a large extent in people having long thin hair. This particular hairstyle can give an extremely classy as well as cool look and a hair wedding, you can say.

Slight Bangs

Often messy hairstyles can give you a chilled outlook. In order to get that look, slight bangs is just perfect for you to choose.  Keep the bangs above your eyes and do not tie your hair. Brush it with your hands to get the messy look. You can surely attract your boyfriend’s attention with this classy look. Isn’t one of the cute easy hairstyles for thin hair?

Bangs and Thin Waves

best hairstyle for straight thin hair

Some cute hairstyles require appropriate hair cut. Cut the front part of your hair to get the bangs but make sure you cut the rest of the hair to get soft and smooth curves. You can also use curling iron to curl the lower part of your hair. With this hairstyle you will look sexy too.

Straight Chopped Ends

The list of how to hairstyles for long hair can’t ignore this style. This particular hairstyle can make your look different from others. Chop the end of your hair in a rugged shape. Keep the bangs as it is. This is perfect for corporate looks. You can surely be able to catch everyone’s attention in your office with this hairstyle.

Fluffy Locks With Hair Band

Make yourself attractive with this particular stylish thin hair do. Back comb your hair to create the fluffy look. Accessorize it with a designed hair band. Back combing is a very effective method for giving volume to your hair. This style can change the entire look of yours.


best hairstyles for thin hair

There are no other effective hairstyles for long thin straight hair than this evergreen style. If you are always eager to look awesome with your long hair, then why don’t you go for bouffant? This hairstyle is applicable for every occasion. Tie up the hair in an up do and leave strands of the hair in the front. Won’t you take it as the best hairstyle for straight thin hair?

Sleek Up Do

Tips for long straight hair won’t get completed if I don’t mention this one. If you are sure about your face shape then why hide it? Get an amazing look by tying your hair into a pony tail and secure it in an up do. Trust me; you will look stunning with this.

If you are concerned about your thin long hair, then you should try the above hairstyles. You will look awesome with all these hairstyles. These hairstyles for long thin straight hair are bound to give you an elegant look and also help you enhance your beauty.