Healthy Food That Can Help You to Gain Weight without Adding Extra Fat to Your Body

healthy food that can help you to gain weight

Let’s be clear about one thing at beginning. Gaining weight doesn’t mean fat deposition in your body. Food is necessary to have a healthy metabolism and strong immunity system. If you’re thin and skinny, you can’t face the challenges of life. Therefore, having the right food is one of those healthy habits that can make you gain weight. Today, teenagers think that not having food is the only way to lose weight. This is absolutely baseless thinking. Unless you eat appropriately, your whole system can be crashed. Try healthy food that can help you to gain weight without giving you a bulging belly or double chin.

Healthy Foods to gain Weight

Food is the best way to gain weight, but you should know what foods can help you gain weight. As a matter of fact, you can gain weight by eating chocolates, ice creams and junk foods. But having such foods is not any healthy habits that can make you gain weight. You need to add certain foods in your regular diet which can keep you fit while helping you to achieve your goal. Here are certain healthy foods that make you gain weight-

Lean Meat

healthy habits that can make you gain weight

Include it on the top of the list of healthy food that can help you gain weight. It is true that doctors often prohibit having red meat as it can increase your cholesterol level. If you don’t have any problems of high cholesterol or high Bp, you can have these once a week. The protein and iron content of lean red meat can increase your weight fast.


What are the ways to gain weight in a healthy way? Obviously, having the perfect food. If you’re vegetarian, this is the fruit that can help you the best. With its high calorie content, avocado is rich in potassium, mono-saturated fat, minerals and 20 types of vitamins. What else do you need to gain weight?

Peanut Butter

How to gain weight fast with healthy foods? Use peanut butter as bread spread or a salad dip to enjoy your meal. This yummy butter is full of fats, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B3 and folate.

Whole Fat Milk

While you think of ways to gain weight in a healthy way, you want to know about the right food. Dieticians always recommend having whole fat milk rather than skim milk. It adds 60 calories more to your body than skim milk. Also, whole fat milk is rich in vitamins A and D with other nutrients. Have your breakfast with cornflakes and whole fat milk to give your day an energetic start.

A handful of Nuts

How to gain weight fast with healthy foods

This include peanuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts. If you keep a handful of nuts in your every day diet, weight gaining will be the easiest. If you’re into some sports, your coach will definitely suggest having it as nuts are wonderful source of energy and protein supplement.

Protein Bars

Consider this as one of the healthy foods that make you gain weight. Nutritionists suggest that you should not keep your stomach empty for long hours. When you’re stuck in a road jam, or trekking a long way, is it easy to maintain that advice? It can be easy if you keep protein bars with you. Have a par with low sugar content and it will serve you the best while needed.

Tropical Fruits

You can’t ignore fruits if you want to live hale and hearty. Fruits like mango, pineapples, ripe papaya, jackfruit, etc. are rich in sugar content which helps to gain weight rapidly. These are also energy boosters. After a tiring day, a bowl of fruit salad can revive your energy within a moment. You can also make smoothies for your children to make them eat fruit. This is how to gain weight fast with healthy foods.

Dark Chocolates

There is a component in dark chocolate, called Polyphenol, which helps to lessen your high blood pressure by keeping the blood vessels dilated. Try to have branded chocolate bars which have low sugar content. Do you know now what foods can help you gain weight?

Whole Wheat Bread

ways to gain weight in a healthy way

Another healthy food that can help you gain weight. Experts say that to start gaining weight, whole wheat breads are awesome to have. The white breads are not good for health as the refining process takes all the nutrients out of it. If you have whole wheat products, you can intake fibers and minerals which keep your system healthy and give you energy for long time.


To end the list of foods that can help you to gain weight, there is nothing better than oils. Mustard oil is very common while cooking. Also, you have options of soy oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc. While olive oil is for losing weight, these oils are full of calories which can increase your weight very fast.

Something More on Being Healthy

It is true that these foods are healthy enough to gain weight but you need to follow certain rules to stay fit while having such foods-

  1. Don’t eat all these foods together.
  2. Weight gaining or losing needs patience.
  3. Don’t bring sudden change in your food habit. For example, if you are habituated with a piece of bread toast, make it two. Never go for 3 together.
  4. You should do regular exercises so that the fat content of these foods don’t deposit in your body.

Now you know about the healthy food that can help you gain weight. If you’re too skinny, try these and see visible effects within no time.