Useful Tips on How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly in the Easier Ways

how to apply eyeliner perfectly

We girls cannot go without applying the eyeliner. This is something which completes our overall look, right? I am literally obsessed with the product.  It can bring a huge difference to the look. It will enhance the beauty of our eyes and can give any kind of that elegant look. I don’t think anybody would dare to go out without using kohl or eyeliner. But in my case whenever I used to apply, my hands would shake and the lines would go all over the place. Disaster!!!  So in order to avoid that and to master the art of how to apply eyeliner perfectly you need to know the easiest way to apply eyeliner, that I am going to share:-

  • Every eyeliner demands that it is long-lasting. You know which one is the best. In order to last your eyeliner for a longer period of time, match it with an eye shadow.
  • For beginners, it is recommended to line your eyes with a pencil liner first and then apply the liquid Isn’t it an easy way of applying eyeliner?
  • To enhance the eyeliner correctly, apply white eyeliner on your eyelids to have a smooth effect.
  • If you tend to have the perfect monolids then you can easily use liquid eyeliner to draw the perfect curves on your eyes properly.
  • You can also use the white eyeliner for highlighting your eyebrows. Consider this one of the best eyeliner makeup tips.
  • How to apply eyeliner easily with simple techniques? For making a customized gel liner, you just need to warm the upper tip of the kajal with lighter.

Simple Eyeliner Makeup Tips on How to Enhance Your Eyes:-

easiest way to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner step by step? Follow these effective ways

  • Choose the eyeliner of your choice.
  • Use power shadows to give the eyeliner a more definite look. It will also help the liner to last longer. Make sure to match the shadow with the liner.
  • In order to get the smudging effect, use the smudge brush to create the smoky eyes.
  • If you are a beginner, then go for pencil eyeliners as liquid eyeliners are quite difficult to apply.
  • If you have large eyelids, you can opt for smooth and broad curved lines.

How to Apply Eyeliner For Upper Lashes:-

different ways to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner perfectly? There are different ways to apply eyeliner. When liquid ones give you a perfect curved design, kohl can be the easy eyeliner to have a gothic style.

  • Try and apply the liner close to the eyelashes. In order to get the perfect shape, first draw the line with a pencil liner then go for liquid one.
  • Keep the line very thin. Let it dry. Then apply another coat but make sure to create smooth lines.
  • To give a dramatic effect, make the corner of the eyelids thick with the eyeliner. The best eyeliner to use would be a quality one that would not harm your eyes and should be waterproof.

Eyeliner Makeup Tips for Lower Lashes:-

best way to apply eyeliner

The best way to apply eyeliner is to complete it by applying on both lids. It will make your eyes look darker and intent.

  • While applying the eyeliner on your lower lashes, make sure you are only putting it on the two third of the eye. This will give a softer look.
  • Apply thin lines and avoid it from getting smudged.
  • Connect the eyeliner on both the corners of the eyes to complete the look.

3 Basic Eyeliner Make Up Tips:- 

How to apply eyeliner step by step

You have some ideas on how to apply eyeliner perfectly. Here are some tips on simple eye makeup with eyeliner-

  • Natural look: – This is one of the most common types. Just apply the liner on top and bottom of your eyes with smooth lines.
  • V shaped look: – Apply the liner close to your tear duct with thin lines, making it thicker as you move to the corner of the eye lids. This will give a V shape.
  • Smokey eyes: – It gives an elegant look to your eyes and also helps to enhance its beauty. Use kohl to line the upper and the lower part of the eyes with thick smooth lines. Then smudge it with a smudging brush.

You are free to mix and match the designs and create your own look.  But make sure you have the best eyeliner to use.  Girls, now you know how to apply eyeliner perfectly the easier way.  To get perfect lines you just need to practice.