Effective Tips On How To Apply EyeShadow For Beginners


When you reach the age, when you want to look beautiful and attractive to your friends and your crush, there are certain things that clouds over your mind. It is an age of uncertainty and everything new. From feelings to your attire, you are on a roll my dear. And now every small little thing matters a lot.  Same applies your eye makeup. You really want make sure your eyes sparkle the brightest when you are looking into another pair, right?  The correct technique of applying the eye shadow will make your eyes more deep and beautiful. Here I would like to guide you about how to apply eyeshadow for beginners.

Here are the different ways to apply eyeshadow, and I would like to guide you by helping you with the best tips on applying eyeshadow step by step.

Follow These Simple Steps To Turn Your Eyes Into A Pair Of Misty Magic

Know The Shape Of Your Eyes

different ways to apply eyeshadow

  • It is important to know the shape of your eyes before you apply makeup.
  • This is because the color you apply should go well with the shape of your eyes.
  • You can apply every type of eye shadow in an almond shaped eye. From the bronze to the purple, if applied correctly, your eyes will look beautiful and smoky.
  • The hooded lids are those, when the skin from the bones of the brow folds over the outer corner of your eye lids. These eyes do not need much eye shadow as they work beautifully naturally, giving your eyes a depth and style.
  • You don’t have to work much with a round eye too. Their eye lids are like the canvas you can work on easily. It is preferable to go for the pink shades. Keep it soft and apply a single shade. If you want them to look sensuous you can apply a little deeper shade in the middle of the lid and fade it out towards the end of the lids.
  • For the Asian eyes, you can play with your mood and the colors. You can apply different layers of shades to give your eyes the smoky depth. You can deep shades like the navy shade, the ocean blues and the silvery blue from brands like the Maybelline.
  • You may have the dark or the ruddy lids. That is, eye lids are naturally darker than the rest of the facial skin. Here there are two situations. Your natural darkness gives a smoky look already and you do not have work much on your lids. But at the same time it may make your eyes look tired too. In such cases, you can opt for a concealer or a foundation. These will give a lighter shade to your eye lids. My advice is to choose some shiny shimmers to highlight the lids, so that it looks bright and beautiful.
  • At the end make sure to add a little color to your cheek bones and a dash of color to your lips too. This will help your features to stand out.
  • These are very useful tips on how to apply eyeshadow for beginners 

The Techniques Of Applying An Eye Shadow Professionally

tips on applying eyeshadow step by step

  • If you want to apply eye shadow professionally, then you have to start with alight foundation or a concealer.
  • Apply the concealor evenly and wait till it is dry.
  • Dust your eye lids lightly with a natural colored powder.
  • Apply a “base” of a light shade eye shadow and apply uniformly over the eye lids.
  • Choose a “base” eye shadow color and apply evenly over the lids with a brush.
  • Next, choose a color which is deeper than the base color.
  • Apply the eye shadow with a the help of a moist brush.
  • Make sure to apply the color till the outside corner of your eye lids but it should not go beyond the eyelid crease.
  • According to your attire and occasion you can apply more shades of color on your eye lids now.
  • But it is preferable not to go beyond 3-4 shades.
  • Make the area above your lashes deeper than the rest of the lid area.
  • Fade it to the colors to the outside corners of your eye lids.
  • For a smoky look, apply a deeper shade of eye shadow color towards the end of the eyelids and fade it out. Apply a little t shadow in the lower lids as well.
  • These are the basic different ways to apply eyeshadow.
  • Finally apply a thick mascara to give volume to your eye lashes.
  • Wait till it dries.
  • These are the best tips on applying eyeshadow step by step.

Now you have all the best tips on how to apply eyeshadow for beginners. And since you know the tips on applying eyeshadow step by step, you can go right ahead and try out your own styling and colors, according to your dress and occasion. Just make sure you do not overdo them. Do not hurt yourself with sticks and brushes. Be gentle. Remember they are your precious eyes. So go girl! Glitter and dazzle! And continue to look beautiful.