Easiest Ways On How To Apply Mascara Step By Step

how to apply mascara step by step

It is said that sometimes the eyes speak more than the mouth.  And yes, it is true indeed. The eyes are said to be the window of the soul. All your emotions and expressions are depicted through the eyes. And what if they are beautiful y made and look smoldering with eyes shadows and the perfect application of mascara that makes your lashes look irresistible. But every effort will be spoiled if you are not applying the mascara perfectly. So, here I will give the best tips on  how to apply mascara step by step.

 Find The Right One

Before, anything else, you have to know which the right mascara is for you. This is te first step to know  how to apply mascara step by step 

  • For the type of job you are into, how often you need to touch up with your makeup , well, all this is essential.
  • Mascara that is waterproof and lasts longer can be always preferable. But, then when you have to attend parties and you need to look gorgeous with your smoldering eyes.
  • Therefore it is important to buy a material of a reputed brand.

Make Sure It Is Safe

  • Not always all the mascaras are good products.
  • While you buy one you have to be sure that you are not buying anything, that has been tested on animals.

Match With Your Lashes

correct way to apply mascara

There are different types of mascaras available depending on the requirements of the individuals.

  • There are mascaras to give volume to your lashes or to provide length and color to the lashes to make look more attractive and gorgeous.
  • Therefore, first you need to have a clear idea about what kind eye makeup you need. And when you are doing your eye lashes, choose the eye lash according to your requirements.

The Brand Sure Does Works

There is a reason, why the branded cosmetics are good. There is a reason why the branded companies spend millions on their advertisement and why these products are endorsed by eminent personalities.  That is because these products are truly genuine and they are not going to create any harm to your eyes or to your natural eye lashes.

  • Therefore whenever you are choosing to buyaa mascara, you can go for the guaranteed labels like the Rimmel, Cover Girl and L’Oreal. They are the best as far as safety and quality is concerned.

Add Drama To Your Lashes

You don’t want to overdo it, I know. But a little drama to eye lashes just might be right to set the date with your soulmate.

  • You need to get the curling machine and gently curve up the lashes to give your eyes a deeper effect.

The Application

applying mascara tips and tricks

  • You are all set for the final application now. Here you will follow how to apply mascara step by step.
  • While you are applying the mascara make sure you are holding the brush correctly.
  • Start to apply from the base of the eye shadow and then gradually make upward movements. You have to make sure that all the strands of the lashes are equally and evenly coated with the mascara.
  • Once you have finished applying one coat, go for the second coat to make sure your eye lashes gets the thick effects. Make sure your application is right.
  • You need swipe up the mascara brush from the inside corner of your eye and sweep up to the outer end of every lashes to give it a long and thick effect.
  • Do not bat your eye lid for some time now.
  • You need to wait till the mascara has fully dried to avoid those unnecessary smudges. This is the correct way to apply mascara.

 Now, you are all set to set the evening on fire. It is obvious if now, anyone who looks in your eyes he will forget his thoughts.