10 Easy Ways to Apply Natural Wedding Makeup

how to apply natural wedding makeup

It’s your wedding! It’s the D day that you’ve been waiting for so long.  This is one day in your life where nothing should go wrong. Everything should be arranged meticulously. It is a day you will look the best. You will be photographed the maximum and that dress and the makeup you wear, will make you look right out of that fairy tale story. So, here I would like to help you with best tips on how to apply natural wedding makeup. With these natural wedding makeup ideas I’ll guide you how to look elegant and sophisticated on your big day. These natural make up will not overwhelm your natural beauty but highlight your features with touch of oomph and glamour.

Go According to Your Personality

how to apply natural makeup

I, personally, like to keep the wedding makeup minimum so that the bride’s natural beauty won’t submerge by colors. If you’re thinking of how to make bridal makeup, you should decide whether it will go to your personality or not. Are you Kangna Ranawat in “Tanu Weds Manu” or Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”? If you belong to the second category, then you definitely want tips for natural looking makeup. So, girls, what are you waiting for? Just follow the natural wedding makeup step by step and be the queen of hearts on that big day. Here are some effective ideas on how to apply natural wedding makeup.

The Face is Your Canvas

natural wedding makeup ideas

When you choose to wear a natural make up, it is important to make sure that it is done very delicately and you should be confident about how to apply natural makeup on wedding day.

  • Your natural oils are the best shines on your face in your wedding day. If your skin is moderately oily, then do not use compact all over the face. You need to gently brush over the ‘T’ zone only.
  • In case your skin is very oily, then a basic cover of compact is required. Brush off the excess powder to give your face that natural fresh
  • In case of dry skin, a subtle touch of silver glitter on nose bone, forehead and chin can give you fabulous

Make Those Cheeks Blush Just Right

how to make bridal makeup

Is bridal makeup your passion? Do your friends and neighbor ask you to do the makeup whenever they have wedding at house? Then your demand in wedding season is sky high, right? No doubt, you’re an expert on wedding makeup tips and tricks. But, when it comes to make things natural and subtle, there is something more you really want to know. Have a look on how to do natural makeup

  • You must know your skin shade. Now, choose a blush which is just one shade darker than your original skin shade. Preferably you should use a cream blush for a bridal make up.
  • A shade of pinkish blush should be applied for a bright tinge.
  • A powdery rosy touch will complete all the shades you require on the cheek.
  • You need to apply the last rosy touch in a diagonal manner with an angular brush to bring out that perfect shading.
  • Use a soft tissue to clear the cheeks off the extra blush powder to give you that settled matt finish.
  • Apply a thin layer of compact to give the final effect to the glowing cheek of the bride.
  • If you want to keep eye make up to the minimum, then you can keep the eyes neutral and simply add a touch of wings to give that attractive edge.
  • To give that perfect finish, a pair of perfectly groomed eyebrows generally does the trick and sometimes a pair of thick false eye lashes is all you need.
  • Depending on your skin tone, you can use other blush colors such as peach blush and an equally flattering shade of apricot blush.
  • These are one of the good shades that can give you the most natural glow on your cheeks.

Eyes – The Windows of Your Soul

tips for natural looking makeup

Your eyes should be the liveliest feature in the whole room of your guests. They are the only silent feature that will convey the happiness, love and the excitement of the day to your husband. The best wedding makeup can’t be completed without making your eyes dreamy and beautiful. Eyes should look the prettiest when you take the vow. What are the best ideas to make your eyes stunning at wedding day-

  • Tips for wedding makeup won’t be completed without the eye makeup tools. First, apply eyeliner on top of your lashes as well as on the lower side of the upper lash. This is called tight lining of the top lash, which is going to give your eyes a natural thick black look.
  • A lining on the lower lashes should complete the contour of your eyes for that evening.
  • You can add a bit of black shadow on your eye lid if you want a sexy, smoky effect.
  • The touch of bronze shade on your eyes can give a dramatic expression.
  • If bronze shade is not your forte, then try the more rustic and earthy shades for that intense smoldering look.
  • Earthy shades suits best for those dusky brown eyes.
  • But keep the shades light, to give that natural look.

Do you understand how to apply natural wedding makeup on eyes? Now concentrate on another important part of your face, your sexy lips. Wedding day makeup tips, especially for lips, can make you attractive, gorgeous and kissable!

For Your Luscious Lips

natural wedding makeup step by step

You get all ideas about how to put bridal makeup. This is the last make up you apply after the face, cheeks and the eyes. Your lip color should go with your eye makeup and your blush. The right lip color will add the final drama your looks on your wedding day. Your lip color should compliment your wedding dress as well. Therefore, choose wisely. Here are some of the color ideas

  • When you choose to wear natural make up look on your wedding, then it is always advisable to vouch heavily for the nude shades of lip color and lip gloss.
  • If you choose to highlight your eyes, then it better to stick to nude gloss for your lips.
  • In case you use minimum make up for your eyes and want to highlight your sexy pouts, rose, wine red and deep pink is the color to go for.
  • The earthy shades are an absolute no-no on your wedding day.

So, now you should be confident about your wedding evening as you get wonderful tips on how to apply natural wedding makeup. Go right ahead and glow and flaunt the beautiful you!  Wish you a great life ahead.