Here Are Best Tips On How To Avoid Fight In Your Married Life better And Win Your Love Back

how to avoid fight in your married life better

Marriages are made in heaven. Sure, but it never comes with a guarantee to be all sweet and romantic. When you exchanged those vows and kissed your spouse, you certainly did not think of anything going wrong. Well, nobody wishes for it either. But when two different souls with different opinions and attitude live under the same roof, it is inevitable that there will be differences of choice and opinions, and arguments become inevitable. But at times it reaches a level of alarm, where the entire relationship is threatened.

And that is definitely not desired. A marriage needs equal co operation from both you – a lot sacrifice, loads of adjustments, ample understanding and of course, true love and respect. But when these pillars fall apart, the marriage starts to suffer. This is a sad situation. And I feel good that you are finding ways to mend it. This is what is required the most- an honest intention to repair it. I would love to share with you the best tips on how to avoid fight in your married life better.

Here I would like to help you with the ways to resolve conflict in marriage and the best tips to avoid unnecessary fighting with your spouse.

 It Is Not Any Competition

  • If you are thinking of how to avoid fight in your married life better then taking an instant break can prove to be a good idea.
  • Yes, you are not in any competition.
  • In a heated argument, generally we all try to prove our point.
  • There is a constant urge to prove ourselves right.
  • But what we tend to forget is that the other person has equal values like ours.
  • If we wish to be heard, understood and respected, same is the situation with the other person as well.
  • In a fight we tend to forget the general virtues of humanity and give priority to our egos first. It is important to treat a person the way you wish to be treated.

Take A Break And Walk Away

ways to resolve conflict in marriage

  • There are several ways to reduce fighting in your marriage.
  • It is always a great idea to give your anger and frustrations an instant break.
  • It is always not in your control to handle your anger and frustrations in certain situations.
  • If you start a battle or a quarrel out sheer depression or stress, it might lead to some unwanted bitterness that not there on the first place.
  • So, instead of a sudden outburst, just try to keep your cool for the moment and divert your attention in a cup of coffee or go out for a brisk walk till calm down enough to sit over a conversation and not yelling.

 Make Sure You Are Fair

  • It is obvious that when you are in an argument, you will try to put across your point and wish to be heard and agreed upon.
  • But when that dose not happen, or when your argument is counter challenged, you tend to fly out of your handle.
  • You need to maintain your composure here.
  • Using abusive words or arguing with a very high pitch will never solve your problem.
  • Also make sure of the authenticity of the allegations you are hurling towards your partner.
  • Never give false acquisition without knowing the real truth.
  • This definitely a good idea how to avoid fight in your married life better.

 Do Not Judge

  • If you do not wish to be judged, do not judge yourself too.
  • You are no one to judge anybody.
  • Judgment generally sprigs fro insecurity.
  • Have the confidence to be the person who you are and also do have the courtesy to let the other person be who they are.
  • Always remember the people who judge others are generally are afraid to be their real self.
  • I believe it is one of the best tips to avoid unnecessary fighting with your spouse.

Do Not Involve Any Other People

  • After all it is your life.
  • Your friends and neighbor are not the judges of how to stop fighting in marriage.
  • It is your family and you know the best about its every strength and weaknesses.
  • During the argument do not involve any one like friends or relatives to interfere in your issues.
  • They do not know the intricate chemistry that you share with your spouse.
  • Relationships last long when nobody knows your business.

 Owe Up Your Fault

ways to reduce fighting in your marriage

  • Marriage is a journey you both decided to together with love and respect.
  • There are many wise and matured ways to ways to resolve conflict in marriage.
  • There is no harm in owing up your to the partner you are walking the road of life with.
  • Try not to be a self absorbed person.
  • Such people can only find faults in others and remains color blind to their own.
  • There is no deeper bond than an honest apology.
  • All you have to say is, you are sorry, it was your fault and you are ready to set it right.
  • How difficult is that? If being humble and honest saves your marriage, then I think, nothing can be better than that.

 Hold On To Your Sense Of Humor

  • Trust me, it is your major and the best defense mechanism you can have in ways to resolve conflict in marriage.
  • Anger is nothing but an outburst of an emotion.
  • If you are a loving a person, during an outburst some unwanted words may affect relationship for ever.
  • But when you find humor in the difficult situation, you know you have already won. It is the best way to melt the ice between you.

Now that you have solutions and step to stop an argument in relationship, you should be able to maintain a peaceful and loving relationship with your spouse. Always remember that the marriage is a gift from God to you, and making that marriage happy and everlasting is a gift from you to God. A happy marriage is the union two greatest forgivers in this world. So, here’s wishing you both a very blissful marriage and happiness always. Keep smiling and keep on  loving.