10 Tips on How to Cure Depression Naturally

how to cure depression naturally

Life brings several moments to us when we get depressed. Do you know how the feeling is? It is like you’re imprisoned and getting no way to break the barrier. The worst feeling one can have in life. Whenever anyone succumbs to this feeling, he seeks help to anti-depressant tablets. But, that is completely wrong practice, my friend. It was a phase when my sister was fighting with depression just because she was going through a breakup. Then my mother suggested many ways to deal with depression. Finally, we succeeded to bring her back from that dark hole. So, try to get over depression with all your will power. And here I am with tips on how to cure depression naturally.

Concentrate on Your Diet

ways to deal with depression

Are you suffering through severe depression? Then this is one of the best treatments for depression. Include foods which help the secretion of serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’. These foods are-

  • Salmon, rich with Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Healthy fat like coconut oil
  • Sour Cherries
  • Eggs
  • Flaxseed Oil


how to cure depression naturally

Are you looking for herbs for depression? Then this can help you in fighting depression. An international medical study has proved that taking saffron stigma is a natural treatment for depression, whether it is mild or moderate.

Drink Green Tea

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How to overcome depression? Simple, you just need to have 3-4 cups of green tea per day. How green tea keeps the effects of depression at the bay?

  • It contains L-theanine which works along the caffeine to uplift your mood so that you don’t feel the crashing effect again.
  • It also has psychoactive properties which activate the secretion of dopamine and the brain inhibitory transmitter, GABA.

Exercise Regularly

treatments for depression

How to cure depression naturally? With regular exercise, obviously. Working out activates the effect of feel-good hormones like endorphins which have permanent impact on deeper depression. Regular exercises encourage our brain and help us to see the life from a positive point of view.

Sleep Enough

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What are alternative treatments for depression than medicines? Isn’t it the best and easiest? But when people are depressed they stay sleepless nights which make them exhausted and drain all energy. To have good sleep-

  • Don’t sleep during the day
  • Maintain a routine for sleeping and getting awake
  • Keep all distraction out of your room
  • Don’t watch television and work with internet lately.

Avoid Caffeine

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You may got confused that after saying to have green tea, how can I suggest this. Actually, the caffeine in green tea is not that much harmful like tea or coffee. Besides, caffeine lowers the level of serotonin which makes you more depressed. So, if you want the best cure for depression, avoid too much caffeine.


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As I told before that my mother helped my sister a lot to overcome depression. This is one of the best thing which she made us habituated and still we do this whenever get stressed. Meditation makes our mind calm and helps us to think logically. Our concentration power increases a lot. So, if you’re depressed or facing anxiety disorder, this is how to cure depression naturally.

Take Responsibilities

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When you’re depressed you want to pull yourself back from life. That’s not right, dear. You should take responsibilities and try to fulfill those. Try from small ones and the success will give you sheer confidence. Give your heart to the task and you’ll surely succeed. This is obviously one of the natural ways to cure depression.

Engage Yourself in Something You Like

natural remedies for depression

Do you like to paint? Is it your hobby to go for shopping? Then do it at once. Do whatever you like. Call your friends and hang out with them. Such fun activities can light up your mood and you can cherish the moments afterwards.

Talk to a Doctor

natural remedies for depression

Though this is not among the natural remedies for depression, still you should consult a doctor if you can’t deal with it by yourself. Otherwise, you can talk to someone who is very close to you. Venting out can help a lot.

People, whenever depressed, seek help to anti-depressants. Often they don’t consult doctor. That is completely wrong method. To know how to cure depression naturally I think these tips will help you.