How to Deal with Teenage Pregnancy Problems Instead of Becoming Panicky

how to deal with teenage pregnancy problems

Teenage pregnancy is a very sensitive issue to deal with. Is teenage pregnancy a problem? I’ll say yes. I mean, teenage is not the right time to get pregnant. Teen mothers are not ready physically and mentally to have this pressure. Also, you’re not financially stable to look after your child. Maximum times you won’t get the support of your partner. These are proven facts and I have also seen one of my friends, who went through the complications of teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy occurs when the girls between the age ranges of 14 to 19 might get pregnant under certain circumstances. It results into teenage pregnancy problems and health complication of the mother and the child as well. It is a very complex issue and should be taken care of. In this blog, we will discuss about how to deal with teenage pregnancy problems so that the young mothers don’t carried away by myths and misconceptions.

Serious Physical Complications Related to Teenage Pregnancy: –

Teenage pregnancy is a serious problem as there is several health risks involved in while a girl becomes a teen mother. Lot of serious health complications and issues take birth when a teenage girl gets pregnant. These issues are combined with early and unplanned pregnancy problems which are as follows:-

High Blood Pressure: –

health issues with teenage pregnancy

As the body is not completely ready for the pressure involved in pregnancy, the teenager can get high blood pressure. It is also known as hypertension due to pregnancy. Proper care has to be taken to keep the pressure under control. Try and avoid teenagers from getting preeclampsia. It is a severe complicated condition combined with hypertension and too much of protein in the urine. It tends to make the hands and feet of the teenage mother swell.

Premature Baby:-

Health risk of teenage pregnancy not only affects the mother, but also the child. Complication like that of premature labor can occur. In human, the whole period of pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks. If a baby is born within 37 weeks from the day of getting pregnant then it is termed as a premature baby. The baby would have low weight as it got very less time to get nourished in the womb. Premature babies get lot of physical issues and complications at the stage of childhood and future life too. Yet, premature babies are born with good health in certain cases.

Emotional Upheavals:

You’re at your teenage and you’re pregnant…you have to be strong enough, my dear. While it becomes difficult to deal with several teenage issues, you’ve extra baggage with those. Remember, teenage mother might go through severe mood swings and emotional issues. As your body is going through hormonal changes you might have to face emotional problems. The teenage mothers are not mature enough to handle these emotional issues properly. You should have studied detail information about teenage pregnancy. It’s not late yet, go through some magazines or websites where you can find right pregnancy information for teenagers.


teenage pregnancy problems and solutions

Do you know the effects of teenage pregnancy? Anemia is one of the most common problems of teenage pregnancy. Many of the teen mothers develop anemia during pregnancy. Due to the iron deficiency, they can suffer from lower amount of red blood cells which can cause premature birth or difficulties during delivery.

Common Symptoms of Pregnancy:-

When we are discussing how to deal with teenage pregnancy problems, we must let you know the symptoms of pregnancy. Most of the teenagers are not enough mature to be updated about these pregnancy symptoms –

  • Missing of menstrual schedules.
  • Morning sickness. A condition where you feel like puking combined with headache.
  • Aversion to certain types of food items.
  • Soaring of the breasts.
  • Intense mood swings
  • Feeling tired and fatigued all the time

These are the common effects of pregnancy. I will also suggest that some of these symptoms can happen due to some other reason too. Say, you can miss your period because of your obesity. A pregnancy strip is the best way to know whether you’ve conceived or not.

Causes of Teenage Pregnancy :-

teenage pregnancy problems

Before going to discuss about how to prevent teenage pregnancy and handle young pregnancy problems, we should know the causes of teenage pregnancy. Here are the causes –

  • Traditions: – Having kids at an early age is a common fact in several rural places. It is their tradition to marry of their daughter at an early age.
  • Peer pressure: – Pregnancy prevention can only be possible if you know the right reasons. When I see my cousins, I realize what is the problem with teenage. They don’t realize the effects of their deeds under peer pressure. Often we have seen that teenage pregnancy occurs due to pressure from the friends for being virgin or from partners in order to get intimate.
  • Consumption of alcohol: – According to the data, consumption of alcohol tempts you to engage yourself into sexual activities in certain circumstances. So, whenever you go to any party from now on, be cautious about it.
  • No proper sex education: – The important youth problems are lack of sex education, growing some bad habits and dependence on myths and friends’ views. Often parents and schools hesitate of giving proper sex education to the teenagers. Talking and discussing about teenage sex is often considered as a taboo by many societies. They are not taught on how to deal with teenage pregnancy problems and how to avoid it. If parents or elders don’t realize the difficulties of teenage pregnancy how will they guide their offspring from doing mistakes?
  • Age gap: – Teenage pregnancy problems can also occur when there is a huge age gap between the partners. Girls tend to be more mature than boys and when they tend to have male partners elder to them, this increases the risks of health issues with teenage pregnancy.

Prevention is Better Than Cure:-

Teenage pregnancy is a serious problem

The only way to avoid early pregnancy problems in teenage is to know about the teenage pregnancy problems and solutions. The teenagers as well as their parents need to be aware about the seriousness of teenage pregnancy problems and complications. It can only be prevented with being aware about the ways to avoid it. Here are the preventions to follow –

  • Get a very clear idea about teenage pregnancy related problems.
  • Do not get influenced or affected due to the pressures from the peer group.
  • Try and say big “NO” to things you do not want to engage yourself into.
  • Gain knowledge about the serious consequences of getting pregnant in your teenage.
  • Understand the positive and negative effects of the birth control products.
  • Even if you are engaging yourself into sexual relations do make sure that you are using protection.
  • Parents and partners should not influence teens to get pregnant.

These guides are definitely going to give you some basic knowledge on how to deal with teenage pregnancy problems. It is not a clever and intelligent idea to get pregnant in your teenage. Getting intimate is not a bad thing but do not be a fool as we know prevention is always better than cure.