Easy and Simple Hacks on How to Do Manicure at Home

How to Do Manicure at Home

It is very obvious that we girls want our nails to be perfectly designed and shaped. In order to get that, we often visit salons which are quite expensive. Questions like how to do manicure at home or what are the necessary procedures of manicure step by step are very common. Our hands also need special attention like our body does. Many of us have thought that only salons can do proper manicure that we are looking for. But we can actually do our desired manicure, whether it is red manicure or gel manicure, in our home by taking some easy steps. I am going to share these steps of nail manicure-

Some Easy Available Things You Need to Arrange

perfect home manicure kit

So, in order to get professional like manicure, you need to have the best manicure set at home. With these tools manicure pedicure at home can be simple enough. These are things of a perfect home manicure kit which are easily available in our home.

  • Nail paint remover
  • Cotton
  • Nail paint
  • Trimmers for the cuticles
  • Nail filer
  • Hand crème
  • Lukewarm water
  • Lemon and vinegar juice
  • Towel
  • Olive oil or any other oil

Are you ready with these manicure tools? Now you are ready to go for manicure at home tips.

How to Get Started – One by One Step

Step 1

Best home manicure

For perfect manicure, this is the first step to attempt. Remove all your nail paint completely with the help of the nail paint remover. Many removers tend to dry out our nails. Try and avoid those. Buy a quality nail polish remover which would not damage your nails. Girls with fake nails must get those removers which would not remove the extended nails.

Step 2

home manicure supplies

The best manicure procedure depends on following the proper steps. You can use nail fillers and nail cutters to bring your nails into good shape. Make sure you are cutting your nails in such a way that the white portion of the nail tip is visible to some extent.

Step 3

tips for manicure

Use the nail filler to create a clean and perfect shape to your nails. Do not over do this step as it might cause your nails to break.

Step 4

tips for manicure

Now in a bowl filled with lukewarm water, add some lemon juice and vinegar. Soak your nails into it for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will help the nails to whiten and also make them soft and dirt free. Lemon is considered as a bleaching agent. So, lemon juice will help to bring back the white color of your nail tip naturally. I hope you’re getting how to do manicure at home.

Step 5

how to do manicure at home

You know to enhance your hands’ beauty nails health and designs are very important. Now, the next step. Pat your hands dry and apply the cuticle crème. With the help of the trimmers, push your cuticles as per your need. Do not over do it as it might make your nails vulnerable to breaking.

Step 6

manicure step by step

Now it’s time to prepare a scrub for your hands. Just add some amount of sugar in olive oil and scrub your hands for some minutes. This will help you to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Step 7

manicure pedicure at home

Best home manicure can’t be done without a hand cream. Put on some hand crème or solution that will make them soft and supple.

Step 8

perfect home manicure kit

Put on some nail paint as per your choice. Now, while painting your nails, apply the base coat first.  You can paint it with the clear nail color or any nail hardeners. To achieve the French manicure style, after applying the base coat, paint the tip of your nails with white nail paint.

Step 9

manicure at home tips

Whenever you are going for any nail paint, make sure you are applying the clear nail paint as your base. This will help the colored nail paints to remain for a longer periods of time and avoid your nails from getting stained.

Step 10

Best home manicure

You can try different kinds of nail paints which are available in the market but buy quality paints which would not damage your nails.

Step 11

home manicure supplies

Before bed massage your hands with olive oil or any hand crème. This will make your hands look beautiful. You can also put on some petroleum jelly on to your nails.

Where can you get home manicure supplies? You can go to any cosmetics stores or order online. Now you folks know how to do manicure at home.

Nail Diaries

tips for manicure

Here are some of the basic tips for manicure which will bring wonders to your nails.

  • Gloves can be your friends in times of doing the dishes. Never do it without putting on your gloves. The soap you are using for cleaning purposes contains chemicals that can prove to be harmful for your hands.
  • Usage of calcium crèmes or gels can make your nails strong eventually.
  • Apply nail crèmes or petroleum jelly every night before you go to sleep. Massage them gently.
  • Clean and shape your nails on a regular basis.
  • Go for chemical free oil based nail paint removers. These will not dry out your nails and also give a glossy and a French manicure

Following these steps can make your nails healthy. I hope you people will find this blog on how to do manicure at home helpful.