Missing Your Ex Badly? Know How to Get Back with Your Ex Partner

how to get back with your ex partner

You’ve spent time with others, done all soul-searching and gone through the time-out period. Nothing helps you to forget your ex and at every moment you remember him/her like hell. If you’re going through this condition, know how to get your ex back. Ego seems the unavoidable barrier, even when you want to get back with your ex partner. Keep it side and follow some useful ways about how to get back with your ex partner.

Do You Want to Get Your Ex Back?

The post break-up period is very painful. You remain at a confuse state and a feeling of loneliness prevails upon you. There is high chance to do mistakes like making another relationship. This is completely wrong as you haven’t still recovered from the past bitter experience. This is the crucial time to evaluate yourself and the whole time you were with your ex. Maybe the reasons of break up are not that much serious as you’re thinking. How to know the signs you should get back together with your ex?

  1. Are you missing your ex badly?
  2. Was it your fault and you couldn’t say sorry?
  3. Did you not listen to your partner and give no chance to explain him/her?
  4. Do you feel the love is there even you’re not together?
  5. Are you imagining yourself to grow old with your ex?

Self-evaluation is very important before following steps on how to get your ex-boyfriend back and keep him. If all these are happening to you, you need 10 ways to get your ex back. But, if you think yourself relieved after breaking up or you’re enjoying your time of being alone or with someone else, you don’t need to think of these signs you should get back together with your ex.

Ways to Get Back Your Ex

How to get your ex girlfriend back? Go through the following tips to know more-

signs you should get back together with your ex

Understand Your Breakup

This is one of the most important among 10 ways to get your ex back. If it happened because of you and your ex-partner was against it, it would be easier to mend the gap again. Breakup is not an overnight incident. You can see its coming. Work out on those reasons and try to communicate as lack of communication is the main reason for breakups. You also need to go through a thorough soul-searching before establishing a communication with your ex. Make sure that you really want this and it is not happening heat of the moment.

Be true to Yourself

before asking how to get my ex back, ask yourself why you want your ex back to your life. Is it some kind of status symbol? Have you not found anyone to hang out with? If these are reasons, then stay away from pursuing any more. Only proceed this time if you want to share a lifetime bond with the person.

Send a Text

Have you make your mind to get back your ex? Then the next step is to establish a contact. Calling is not a good option as you don’t know how the person on the other side of the phone will behave. And if anything goes wrong, it could be humiliating for you. Send him/her a sweet message. Remember, it should not explain your heart out or show that you’re showing mercy on your ex-partner. For example, “I was walking through rain today, and it reminds me how fun we had the last time, drenched in cats and dogs. Hope you’re doing well.” Such a message can give him/her the warmth if they still have feelings. If a nice reply comes, go ahead.

Go Slow

tips to get back your ex-partner

If you’re thinking of steps on how to get your ex-boyfriend back and keep him, you should not hurry. It is true that you were with him, but that doesn’t mean you can speed up your car to get back him. A break up changes both of you. So, rather than moving in together, try to share a friendship. Don’t be pushy and treat it as a new relationship.

Show Your Heart

Very effective among the tips to get back your ex-partner. If your ex is agreed to join you on a date, make him/her feel special. Tell your ex how you miss him/her. Talk about your old sweet memories, holding her hand. If she seems to warming up, tell her about your intentions. Yes, it is true that doing such things for a girl is little odd. But, what’s wrong to show our heart to the man we love?

Call Your Ex

10 ways to get your ex back

A positive reply to your message can be the green signal. Don’t attempt a somersault so soon! It’s time to call and fix a date. Don’t send any message or email. Just let him/her listens to your voice after so long. Arrange a date after discussion. You may go for a movie date or to an art gallery, but don’t go cheesy on your ex-partner. Also, remember, agreeing to join you on the date doesn’t mean he/she wishes to get back together. If they refuse, don’t try to impose your feelings. Yes, you’re severely heart, but don’t cry or beg. Respect their space.


To win over again your beloved’s heart is to admit your fault. Don’t go explanatory, don’t try to back yourself. A simple and sweet ‘sorry’ can make everything beautiful. If you can’t say it, write it down. Even if they don’t want to proceed, they won’t have any hard feelings about you.

Bring Some Changes

Maybe you never complemented your girlfriend about her looks or dresses. This time tell something beautiful to her. She will be surprised and in heart, will cherish your words. Were you defined as a ‘late girlfriend’? Reach to the destination at time and wait for your ex to surprise him.

Don’t Brood over Your Past

steps on how to get your ex-boyfriend back and keep him

Both of you know what happened at past. Don’t talk over those bitter experiences again. Talk about your present situation, walk on the happy down memory lane together and try to light up the fire again to have him/her back in your life.

Bring a Ring

You need this tips on how to get back with your ex partner only when you’re completely sure to spend your entire life with him/her. If you get everything positive from other side, why not thinking about taking it another step ahead?

These are some ways about how to get your ex back. Remember, being in a relationship is a conjugal effort. Everyone has their own opinion. You can only try but don’t keep too many expectations.