How to Get Rid Of Asthma With Home Remedies


We all are aware of the term “asthma”. I know it very well as my grandma has this problem. I’ve seen her going through the breathing trouble. That’s so painful, you know. But, I’ve never seen her taking any allopathic medicines. She always relies on the ayurvedic treatment. She asks my father to bring ginger, figs from market. I always see her having a TSP honey every morning. I also pour spoon into the bottle whenever get chance!!! So, the thing is there is some natural prevention of asthma which you too can have to get relief. I’ve collected some of these tips on how to get rid of asthma with home remedies from my grandma.

Some Serious Talk

Now asthma can occur at any age. According to the medical data, these days it is often found that even kids are suffering from asthma. The predominant causes of asthma and bronchitis are mainly-

  • The immense increase of pollution and smoking habits of the people.
  • Respiratory Infections, like cold and cough.
  • Airborne allergies from pollen, mold, cockroaches, etc.
  • Chronic asthma can happen if you’ve it in your family history.
  • Certain medicines like naproxen or aspirin can increase the risk of asthma attack to the persons who have it.

So to start with let me give you a clear idea of what exactly asthma is-

home remedies for asthma cough

  • It is a chronic and lethal inflammatory disease which tends to block the air passage which helps to carry the oxygen from the nasal part and mouth to the lungs.
  • When a person is having an asthma that means he is unable to breathe properly,
  • It happens as the air passage is partially blocked and it is unable to carry the oxygen as it is supposed to, to the lungs.
  • This partial passing of air makes him feel suffocated and uneasy.

Today, I’ll discuss about how to get rid of asthma with home remedies. It is sad that asthma does not have a permanent cure. It gets better with regular exercise and a proper diet along with a healthy lifestyle. Often natural remedies for asthma can do wonders if followed properly. Here are some of the home remedies for asthma cough am sure will benefit you.

Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Asthma


This is something that is very much present in every household. You will be shocked to know why ginger is considered as the most effective home remedies to get rid of asthma.  It helps inflammation in the air passage and prevents the tubes from contracting. It also helps to relax the muscles so that the air can pass effectively.

How to Take It:

  • Squeeze out some ginger juice.
  • Mix it with lukewarm water.
  • Drink it twice or thrice a day.


effective home remedies to get rid of asthma

Onion is also one of the wonderful home remedies for asthma.  This is one of the most common veggies that are always present in our kitchen. It has got anti inflammatory properties that will help the ducts from constricting there by allowing free flow of air in the lungs and vice versa. You can eat onions raw or else you can always prepare various dishes having onions. Putting a ‘stop’ board on asthma is that much easy.


This is another herbal remedy that is considered as the best natural way to cure asthma. It has got plenty of nutritional values that help in preventing asthma. It also regulates proper breathing process and prevents the tightening of the respiratory muscles. How to cure asthma at home with figs?

How to Take It

  • Wash 3 dried figs pretty well.
  • Soak them in a bowl of water whole night.
  • Early morning when you get up eat the soaked figs.
  • Do not throw the water.
  • The water is also treated as best home remedies for asthma.


best natural way to cure asthma

Honey is one of the best ways to help asthma at home.  It is recommended that you should take

  • Two to three table spoons of honey
  • Mix it with lukewarm water
  • Have it every single day in empty stomach.
  • You can repeat it thrice a day.

Honey has got colossal nutritional value. The alcohol and ethereal oils those are present in honey prevents the occurrence of asthma. Another thing you can do is swallow two tea spoons of honey before going to bed.


While looking for ways of how to treat asthma naturally, I can’t ignore my favorite one. Many people start their day with a cup of coffee. The caffeine that is present in the regular coffee that we take can cure asthma and its attacks as it tends to play the role of a bronchodilator. When you are sipping hot coffee it is relaxing the muscles and there by promoting proper breathing in the person.

Mustard Oil

Are you looking for natural remedies for asthma? Then try this method. If the person is having a sudden asthma attack then the best way is to rub mustard oil which would help clear the air passage and would eventually help in restoring normal breathing. The best way to use mustard oil is to boil it with camphor. Then rub it on your chest and neck. This facilitates proper passage of air and also prevents blocking.


How to cure asthma at home

What are other asthma home remedies you can try? Those of you who are suffering from asthma …make sure you have normal vitamin c levels. As we know lemons are pretty rich in vitamins and as sell as antioxidants. This prevents asthma from stepping in. Include lemons every single day in your diet. Another thing you can do is-

  • Squeeze the whole juice of a single lemon.
  • Mix it with two table spoons full of honey
  • Mix all the ingredients in lukewarm water.
  • Drink it every single morning in empty stomach.

Carom Seeds

If you are looking for simple home remedy for asthma, how can you ignore this little spice? It is commonly known as ajwain. It also tends to act as a bronchodilator. It can cure people having mild asthma. Simply drop some seeds in boiling water and inhale the heat. This will clear your nasal passage. Repeat it thrice a day.

Before trying out these tips on how to get rid of asthma with home remedies make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle. You need to do yoga every single day without fail. Asthma is a deadly disease that will make you severely weak as it restricts you from breathing properly. You need to include herbs and veggies in your daily diet. It is recommended to stop smoking immediately in order to bring your asthma under your control otherwise these home remedies or yoga would not bring any advantage to you. It is as simple as that.