Seven Secrets Revealed Of How To Get Rid Of Insomnia With Home Remedies

how to get rid of insomnia with home remedies

One of the greatest restoratives of our nature is sleep. For our mental and physical health sleep plays a key role. One can never imagine their lives without sleeping. Sleep is that stage of our life when our body, mind and soul goes in the inertia. To refresh our brain and to refill our energy, sleep is mandatory. I believe that one should at least sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. I call the 8 hours sleep as the beauty sleep. Many of us goes through terrific sleepless nights. It makes our body over stressed. If you are suffering from insomnia, then read below how to get rid of insomnia with home remedies.

Say No To Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills have a tempting effect. Sleeping pills unnaturally force you to sleep. It is quite harmful for your heart.  if you are deprived of sleep, then your skin will become dry, blotchy and lifeless.

A Glass Of Milk Is The Saviour

A glass of warm milk will help the element trytophan in your brain. This element will help you to sleep better. You can also add honey in the milk. Banana also contains trytophan. Trytophan helps in the formation of serotonin, the chemical which aids in sleeping.

Try Out Smell Therapy

best ways to cure insomnia

During times of stress, I have also faced sleepless nights. It is a very annoying stage when I tried hard to sleep. All my methods went in vain. Now I learnt a smell therapy from my grandmother. It works wonder. Lavendar oil have tranquilizing effect. I applied lavendar oil in my forehead before sleeping. You can also apply lavendar oil in your temples. The smell of lavendar oil helps you to sleep. How to get rid of insomnia with home remedies is essential.

Ancient people kept jasmine in their rooms. You can also keep jasmine oil near your bed. I also like the smell of lime grass. The smell of lime grass oil, will make you feel warm and relaxed. Another thing, which I recommend you is to dab a bit of these oils in your pillow. Trust me, you will cure quickly from insomnia.

If you are too tired after work, then pour a few drops of these aromatic oils in your bath tub and relax. Your body will become stress free. Your muscles will also relax and nerves will calm down too. So spa therapy is at your home now. These are the natural ways to cure insomnia.

Calcium Lactate

One of the natural tranquilizer is calcium lactate. If you are suffering from insomnia, then you can consume calcium lactate with milk. Go for the natural ways to treat insomnia.

Eat Like A Beggar In The Dinner

Avoid to have caffeine products, as well as sugary and spicy foods too. Spicy foods troubles our stomach and too much sugary food. Caffeine will excite your nerves and snatch your sleep.

Smoke And Alcohol No No!

Smoking and consuming alcohol before you sleep is a big no. Both of it contains nicotine. This will arouse your central nervous system. In the mid of the night you will feel thirsty, and have headache also. Try to overcome your addiction.

A Good Mattress

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The importance of medium soft mattress can never be stressed enough. It will give a backache and it will lead to other troubles. Try to raise the lower part of the mattress by putting a pillow. If you elevate your feet to six to seven inches above your head level. Then your blood will flow back towards the heart and away from the feet. It is a good position which helps in blood circulation. This is important on how to get rid of insomnia with home remedies.

Make sure that your bed is comfortable. Too soft and too hard mattress is harmful for your spine. Do not sleep with double pillows. It will lead to a double chin.

Maintain A Routine

The biggest reason, why most people face insomnia these days are due to overstress and anxiety in your life. Hardly we maintain a routined lifestyle. It is necessary to maintain a routine lifestyle. Try to do exercise and do yoga and meditation. All these will keep your body fit and fine. You should also maintain your meal time.

If you are not feeling sleepy, then try to read a book or listen to music. I will not recommend you to watch tv. Listen to soft tracks. It will soothe your mind and body. Television might excite your nerves more. The tips and tricks to help insomnia walk away from your life is just in your hands.