Tips on How to Get Rid of Smoking and Drinking


Are you addicted to smoking and drinking? Do you realize that these two are your masked friend? If you have this idea, you have already stepped ahead to quitting those. Now, you only need tips on how to stop smoking and drinking habit. To some people, smoking and drinking go hand in hand. Quitting these two bad habits are difficult, no doubt. But, with strong willpower and determination can make everything possible. You already know about the impacts of tobacco and alcohol on your health. Some people are addicted to both. Can you imagine what you are doing to your health? With some effective tips on how to get rid of smoking and drinking, you can surely eliminate these two enemies from your life.

How to Quit Smoking and Drinking

Put a full stop on smoking and drinking habit is not easy. You need to be strong enough for avoiding the craving to have ‘just one cigarette’. Go through these tips to help you stop smoking and drinking-

Figure out the Reasons

tips to help you stop smoking

While you want to walk on the lane of smoking and drinking addiction recovery, you need to know why you’re addicted to those. As soon as you get clear idea about those, write down and keep always in front of you. Whenever you feel the urge to light up or feel up a glass, go through those reasons.

Set a Date for Stopping

Many people prefer to go slowly while quitting alcohol and tobacco. When you cutting down the numbers of cigarettes and pegs, you’re still continuing the habit. Rise one fine morning and stop completely. Yes, you may face certain withdrawal complications, but those can be healed with proper treatment.

Remove It All

The best way to quit smoking and drinking. Though you’re on the path of smoking and drinking addiction recovery, it becomes very difficult to resist when you see the bottles or the lighter or cigarette packets. Throw away all these things and tell your family to keep your household free from any of such things.

Seek Support

How to get rid of smoking and drinking? While you’re trying to avoid these habits, tell your friends and family members. They will surely help you to be free from these two. Also, you can set an example for those of your dear ones who want to stop it. If all of you work as a team, it won’t be so tough anymore.

Divert Your Mind

how to stop smoking and drinking habit

How can this be one of the helpful tips to help you stop smoking and drinking? Actually, alcohol and tobacco keeps you away from your stress and tension. If you find something positive in your life, you don’t need to rely on these known enemies. While you’re trying to quit these, divert your mind towards something that interests you. Maybe you were a creative person and passionate about painting. Start anew. You can also join a yoga class, go for jogging, hang out with your friends and enjoy your life.

Stay Away from Places Where People Smoke or Drink

It is very important for the initial stage. This time you go through a vulnerable stage and any temptation can drive you away from your goal. To avoid the smell of smoke, go to the non-smoking zones of hotels or restaurants. Ask people of your surrounding not to smoke or drink before you.

Be Ready to Face Withdrawal Symptoms

As you’re trying to quit, with tips on how to stop smoking and drinking habit, you need to be ready to face withdrawal symptoms. What can you face while trying to quit? You can get sick due to nausea, anxiety, frustration, anger and many more. Keep yourself calm, seek help of physicians if necessary, engage yourself into something else and let the time pass.

Go to a Therapist

When you think of how to get rid of smoking and drinking, you may find it difficult to continue all alone. An expert therapist can support you while you’re going through the withdrawal situations. Quitting smoking can create an unpleasant situation in your body and mind, but that is nothing severe. But drinking withdrawal sometimes become serious. Depression, frustration, emotional ups and downs, mood swings, etc. are common at this time. A therapist can help you to find coping strategies while discussing your emotional outbursts and show you the deep reasons why you should quit alcohol.

Treat Yourself

best way to quit smoking and drinking

It is another best way to quit smoking and drinking. How to deal with your cravings for alcohol and tobacco? When you feel to have a glass of chilled beer on a summer afternoon, fill your glass with ice-cream float. Don’t light up a cigarette. Rather go for dark chocolates.

Seek Medical Intervention

You can’t avoid the fact that smoking and drinking has damaged your several organs. Your lungs, liver, kidneys and heart have affected a lot by these bad habits. This is time to recover your health. Go for regular health check up and follow the guidelines to get back your health.

Now you know how to get rid of smoking and drinking. There is nothing in fuming smoke and damaging your liver with alcohol. The sooner you get this point, the better you’ll be and keep your surroundings happy.