Tips On How To Get White Teeth Overnight Naturally

Simple Ways To Get White Teeth Overnight At Home

An attractive smile can be a very good asset for anyone. Nothing can be more upsetting than discoloured teeth and a bad breath. This is the only reason why we see that teeth whitening is in vogue. Most of the dentist suggests to go for teeth whitening. I believe that if you are running short of money or if you want overnight solution than try out few natural tips. So pearl white teeth are not a dream for you anymore. I use these remedies to get quick and fast results. I am sharing few top tips of how to get white teeth overnight naturally here. So friends don’t worry if you have a date tomorrow or a big office meeting or any important occasion. Use these simple natural remedies and say cheese!

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to get sparkling teeth

The simple ways to get white teeth overnight at home is to use hydrogen peroxide. To bleach your teeth and to turn it white instantly you can use it. While using hydrogen peroxide you should be careful and remember not to swallow it. Take a clean cloth and dip it in hydrogen peroxide. Then rub it in your teeth and you can see instant change within few minutes. But remember not to rub it too long as it will harm your teeth in the long run.

Home Remedies to Get White Teeth Overnight

Blessing of baking soda

You can get sparkling white teeth within few minutes if you use baking soda. Baking soda helps in removing the yellow stain from your teeth instantly. This is the Best Tips to Get Whiter Teeth. It is quite easy and simple to use baking soda. Just the way you apply toothpaste, put baking soda in your tooth brush. I generally concentrate more on the front teeth. I always highlight the pros and the cons of baking soda. Excessive use of baking soda can corrode your enamel. It is not good for daily usage. Stick to the use of baking soda, once in a week but not everyday!

Use Mustard oil

Mustard oil have many benefits. I learned it from my grandmother who had sparkling white teeth at the age of 80 also. You can mix oil in mustard oil or basil leaves crushed in mustard oil. You can use these two mixtures to get sparkling white teeth.

Wonderful Herbs For Teeth Whitening

A strawberry everyday will keep stained teeth away

Strawberries helps in exfoliating and cleaning the teeth. It contains folic acid. I follow a home remedy for getting white teeth overnight. Take one or two strawberries. Then mash it properly. Keep it like a fluid. Then mix it with baking soda and you can use it as a tooth paste. These are the simple ways to get white teeth overnight. Apples, celery and carrots are also good for teeth. The wonderful herbs for teeth whitening is essential.

The method of oil pulling

Most of the oils specially coconut oils has antimicrobial properties. The oils helps in making our gums stronger and our teeth whiter. What is a good way to get your teeth white is the method of oil pulling. Just put a spoon of coconut oil in your mouth. Then swish it well for few minutes. You will see the results immediately. The very important of your teeth is on how to get white teeth overnight naturally.

  • Rose water cleans the mouth and acts as a mouth wash.
  • For refreshing your mouth, dilute a few drops of peppermint spirit in half cup of water and gargle with it.
  • To make teeth sparkle bright, mix one teaspoon of table salt with one teaspoon of soda bicarb, and brush with this mixture.
  • To keep teeth healthy and strong, take calcium tablets occasionally.

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Lemon and salt mixture

You can cut a lemon into two halves and add salt in it. Then rub the halves in your teeth. Initially you can feel the strong taste of lemon but both lemon and salt will remove the stain naturally. This is the Home Remedies to Get White Teeth Overnight.

Apart from the natural methods there are few market products which you can also use to get faster results. Like whitening toothpaste, whitening strips and whitening pen. These are the artificial methods of whitening. I always believe that the natural methods lasts longer than these market products. Always use a mouth wash after meals, and especially if you have just had something sweet or spicy. Bad breath can be a sign of dental trouble and it leads to discoloured teeth also.

One should brush teeth regularly twice a day. Once before sleeping at night and once again when you get up in the morning. Use a firm toothbrush of medium hardness. This ensures that how to get white teeth overnight naturally. Visit a doctor regularly at once every six months. The doctor will help you to keep a check on plague and tartar formation. Both tartar and plague are extremely harmful and can lead to painful to painful and unnecessary gums.

Always end your meal with some raw and crunchy food or vegetable. This ensures that sticky deposits are removed from the back surfaces of the teeth. Strong tea, coffee and cigarette smoking all discolour teeth. To prevent discolouring you can use the twig of neem trees. Neem trees have got herbal properties and it acts as the natural cleanser and freshener of mouth.