How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Fit in This Winter in Easy Steps

how to keep your body healthy and fit in this winter

Winter is the season of fun. Fill the grayness of winter with colors of your woolens. Nature has also made this season colorful and bright with lots of fruits and vegetables. With picnics, fares, wedding ceremonies and obviously with Christmas, winter is the dearest season to maximum people. But, the cooler breeze also brings threat for many people. With snowflakes and frost, several bacteria and viruses also take lead at winter. Viral fevers, cough and cold, sneezing, cracked and chapped lips- all are the dark sides of winter. Does that mean you have to spend the whole season under doctor’s supervision? You just need ways to stay healthy and fit this winter. Follow how to keep your body healthy and fit in this winter.

Keep Hydrated

Searching easy tips for staying healthy this winter? Drink water as much as you can. At winter, the weather cools down and you forget to drink water as the thirst decreases. If you don’t have enough water at this dry season, you can get dehydrated and the function of your body becomes disturbed. Have 2 liters water a day. You can also have green tea or fruit juice to meet the need of water in your body.

Have a Healthy Diet

Steps to staying healthy in winter

Winter is the season of fruits and veggies. Staying healthy during the winter can be easy if you make your diet healthy by keeping these in your regular meal. With fruits and colorful vegetables (carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, etc.), you can have several vitamins and minerals which nourish your body. You can make delicious dishes with these and surprise your children for their winter home party.

Wash Well

Steps to staying healthy in winter must include this way. Children are mainly exposed to the dangers (cold, fever, cough, etc.) of winter. You need to take good care of them. Whenever they comes from outside, tell to wash their hands and legs well. Teach them to wash hands for 30 seconds before eating and after toilet. You should also practice the same to keep the viruses and bacteria at bay.

Sleep Well

How to keep your body healthy and fit in this winter? As winter nights are long, it is natural that people get longer time to sleep. You should not disturb your sleep with much night outs. Lack of sleep can hamper your immunity system and makes you vulnerable to catch cold. According to a medical study, it is proved that less sleep decreases the amount of white blood cells and increases the risk of infections. Make a timetable to go to bed and also teach that to your child. Say no to TV, computers and video games. Rather you can put on light music or tell kids bedtime stories before sleeping.

Exercise is Must

Ways to stay healthy and fit this winter

Winter means cakes, muffins and chocolates. These are also weight booster. Staying healthy during the winter is important to manage weight afterwards. Never skip exercise at winter. It is proved by medical researches that people who exercise regularly, or even take a brisk walk every day, stay healthier than those who skip these routine. Thus, you can enjoy the yummy foods at winter while keeping your weight under control.

Take Care of Your Skin

Ways to stay healthy and fit this winter also include the health of your skin. How can you attend a party with cracked heels and chapped lips? Just horrible. Don’t be afraid of winter wind if you know how to take care of your skin. Always keep your skin moisturized.

  • Lips are far more delicate than your whole body. Apply lip balms which keep those soft for hours.
  • Carry cold creams and body lotions whenever go out.
  • Winter sun is soothing but it glares. Never forget sunscreen.
  • At winter, dust and dead skin cells deposit on your upper layer of skin and make you look dull. Use mild scrubs to get healthy glowing skin.

Get Flu Shots

Maybe you’ve taken some annual anti-viral vaccination. But it is the time when maximum viral fevers take place. For would-be-mothers or new moms, doctors always suggest to have flu shots to prevent any attack of such disease. These shots pass anti-bodies to the mothers which moves to the babies through breast milk and keep them hale and hearty. This is how to keep your body healthy and fit in this winter.

Keep Moving

What are the other steps to staying healthy in winter? You may want to spend winter months under the quilt with your favorite books. But, such an attitude can hamper your immunity system. The more you socialize and participate in several activities; you will remain healthier the most. Go for long drives; join adventure sports like skiing, basketball match with friends, etc.

Don’t Stress

easy tips for staying healthy this winter

At winter the risks of viral diseases increase to a great extent. The more you stress, the more you’re exposed to diseases. How? Experts say, excessive anxiety boosts up the secretion of stress hormone (cortisol) which hampers your immunity system. So, chill out and have fun with your friends and family at winter days.

Avoid Smoking

Chain smokers may not find it as easy tips for staying healthy this winter, but all of you know about the harmful effects of smoking. Whether it is winter or other time of the year, you should quit this habit at once to be healthy. At winter, especially, he chemicals in cigarettes, deteriorates your immunity and makes you an easy target for diseases.

Apart from following tips on how to keep your body healthy and fit in this winter, you can also follow some other methods like having fiber in foods, skipping alcohol, having herbs like goldenseal, Echinacea, etc. to remain healthy at winter.