9 Tips For The New Mothers How To Keep Yourself Healthy During Pregnancy

how to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a golden time of your life. It is the phase when your skin can become flawless good and your hair can become too silky. But it might not be the same situation for all. Many women face many health disorders. They also face problems like hair fall and skin breakouts. It is absolutely necessary for any pregnant women to look after their carefully and maintain a routine. It is the time of your life when your body undergoes through many changes. Why don’t you learn more about how to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy in my blog!

Eat Healthy In Short Intervals

During the phase of pregnancy, many of you will feel an urge or craving towards few selected foods. You will also feel puckish when you smell fish or chicken. So I will recommend you to visit a dietician apart from your gynecologist. Do not eat a lot, but eat in small portions. You should have at least 5 meals daily. If you deprive yourself of food then your child will become weak. Maintaining proper diet is really necessary. Remember to lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals.

Eight Hours Of Sleep

ways to stay healthy during pregnancy

I know you will go through sleepless nights due to cramps and puckish feelings. Try to sleep for eight words. It will ease your nerves and you can calm down.  Stop having coffee, tea and energy drinks also. The stimulants won’t let you sleep. Its important to ways to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Smoking Is So Injurious For Pregnant Ladies

It is found that smoking is harmful for both the mother and the child. It leads to an increase chances of miscarriages and premature births. It is always advisable to the mothers to cut down their smoking habits during this time. You will face more sickness frequently. How to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy is very essencial.

No Heels Please

Heels should be shut down in your wardrobe while you’re pregnant. Do not take the risk of wearing heels during pregnancy. You will have the chances of falling down or having a sore foot. Opt for the soft sole shoes as your feet muscles will feel relaxed.

Go For Massages

Massages are the best way of relaxing the body. I know you feel over stressed so why not go for a foot spa or massage. It works out wonderfully. Give it try.

For  The New Mothers Exercise Is A Blessing

tips to be healthy during pregnancy

Try to grow your endurance level. This can be achieved while you are doing exercise. You can prepare yourself for the labor. Your body will also become stress free. Depression can be easily kept at bay if you do exercise regularly. There are various kinds of exercise which you can try like yoga, Pilates and brisk walking.

Eliminate Alcohol From Your Life

If you are eager to know ways to stay healthy during pregnancy then alcohol should not be touched at all cost. Boozing or getting too high is seriously dangerous for the health of your child. The child is most likely to suffer from disorders like fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.  There is also chance that your child can become disabled.

Try Out Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is helpful in times of pregnancy. It will surely make you calm down. The smell of lime grass or rose wood will make your room better. It also helps in recovering from morning sickness and insomnia. The important tips on how to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy.

Listen To Good Music

Music makes the world better. So why don’t you listen to some good tracks. It is scientifically proved that child’s responds a lot to music. You will feel good as well as the baby. These small tips to be healthy during pregnancy help a lot.