How To Look After Your Child To Access Internet And Guide From Its Dangers Effects

how to look after your child to access internet

Oh yes! The internet is a parallel life altogether. It has turned out to be just another form of oxygen for the entire mankind. We really can’t think of our lives without the internet. Therefore it is inevitable the children too are affected by it. To be more precise, worse affected. Technology is a boon to the modern world and for the evolution of mankind. But like every coin has two sides, even technology has its positive and the negative effects. In today’s world, before a child sees a toy for the first time, he gets to play with the  i- phone first. The concept of touch, visual and concept of a child is affected and changed there and then. As he grows, he witnesses the world in the internet and the obsession of his own family members with it. The attachment becomes inevitable. But with the advancement in the cyber world, the internet today has become the most vulnerable aspect of life, because of the inappropriate contents and the elaborate and intricate networks of cyber crime.

Standing on the threshold of such danger right within your reach, it becomes important to keep your child safe by learning about internet. Therefore it is important to know everything about how to look after your child to access internet. I would like to share with you the ways to manage your kids internet access, so that once you are aware of the different aspects and the solutions of protecting your child online, then you don’t have to worry about your child being addicted to the wrong sites and online activities that can be can be a threat to him.

The Signs Of Excessive Addiction Of Your Child With The Internet

protecting your child online

  • The first and the most disturbing one is, your child spends hours with the internet, sacrificing his much needed sleep and rest.
  • His behavior changes and he becomes irritated every time he is denied the access to internet.
  • He completely losses track of time when he is online.
  • Your child separates himself from family and friends and spends all his time online.
  • He grows a tendency to check the emails several times over the day.
  • It is really concerning to see you child spending more time online instead of completing his regular home work or chores.
  • Be alert when you find your child disobeying or lying about the actual time he generally spends on internet and sneaks online when he is not asked to.
  • Amongst all the most dangerous one is, sharing his personal data, personal photographs and making unknown online friends.

Here is how to keep your child safe on the internet

Get Involved In Your Child’s Cyber World

ways to manage your kids internet access

It is important for you to monitor what your child is doing in the computer. You may feel irritated and bored at times, watching the same online games, but this is very important. By the time your chills reaches 8-10 years then you don’t need to sit with him all the time, but do keep an eye on him This is how you can help  how to look after your child to access internet.

Teach Your Child To Protect Their Privacy

  • This is a very important internet safety tips for children. Make sure you teach your child never to disclose their password, phone number, e mail address, residential address and especially their personal pictures to anyone they do not know, online.
  • Teach them not open any messages that are unknown. They should delete them without opening no matter how attractive the mail looks.
  • If they feel harassed by any message or receives any disturbing messages, they should not reply back or take any other steps without consulting you.
  • Make this point very clear, that they should not arrange any meeting with any stranger that they have met online, what so ever.
  • These are some of the best rules how to keep your child safe on the internet.

Make Rules For Every One Using The Internet

how to keep your child safe on the internet

This is one wise way of protecting your child online.  It will work best if you divide the weekdays amongst the children in the house. On weekdays you set the time to half an hour on every alternative day and on the weekends they get some more time extra. The rules should mention the sites they are allowed to visit. And they should ask the permission of their parents  if they want to visit any exclusive site of their choice.

Keep The Computer In A Reachable Position In The House

Keep the computer in a suitable place in your home so that you can keep vigilance over what your child is browsing. Whenever your child is browsing the computer, make sure you can notice the contents as you are moving in and around doing your own chores. This is another way how to look after your child to access internet.

Make Restrictions In The Settings

keep your child safe by learning about internet

Make sure you have a difficult password. Set the family filter facility and make restrictions in the settings. Install the facilities in your computer so that you can block the sexually explicit sites for your child. While you are restricting their limits, do also help them to find good educational sites to boost their spirits. Always keep your child safe by learning about internet.

Keep Good Terms With Your Service Provider

It is important to keep a good relation with your local ISP (Internet Service Provider).  The can help you restrict the channels and sites which are not suitable or appropriate for your child.

Now you have the most relevant tips on the internet safety tips for children.  I hope you will find these solutions helpful in teaching your kids about teaching kids about internet safety.  I hope you have a very happy time with your kid and always make appoint to guide them with the educational aspect of the internet.