Revealing On How To Remove Your Makeup Properly

best effective ways to remove your makeup properly

The best part of being a women is that we can play with colours. Colours that can change us in different occasions! Girls  I am talking about make up. Don’t you think it is a blessing? I love to experiment with my looks. From smokey eyes to red bold lips, I love them all. I am sure you also love it. Sometimes nude make up also makes us prettiest. But after a tiring day, may be after work or after dinner date all my energies are drained. I had the habit of sleeping with my make up. Then the worst phase started. My skin became dry, lifeless and breakouts appeared. It was not the end of my life. I found out that, make up removal is as essential as make up application. I am discussing here about the how to remove your makeup properly which saved my life completely.

Initially I am discussing about, best tips to remove your make up :

Eye Make Up Removal

best tips to removeyour makeup

Eyes are the one feature that people notice at the first glance. When we see at any magazine cover, our eyes go straight to the model’s eyes. The most delicate part of our eyes are the under eyes. It is area with the minimum oil glands. Be careful, when you are trying to remove make up around the areas of the eyes. Do not tug or stretch the skin around the skins. Use an eye make up remover. Johnson’s baby oil is a good eye make up remover. Soak a small swab of cotton wool into your oil based remover. I have seen that oil like olive oil also helps to remove stubborn eye make up. If you are trying hard to remove water proof mascara then oil will help you. Remember to remove the make up with light and gentle strokes. This is very important on how to remove your makeup properly.

Face Make Up

how to properly take off makeup

These days, you will get the option of many make up removal solutions in the market. I generally prefer home made products to remove make up. I prefer to remove face make up by using milk. Soak cold milk in cotton wool, then remove it. You will feel stress free and relaxed also. Milk will make your skin glowing. Tea bags also acts as a good cleanser. Ladies, before cleaning face make up tie your hair properly. Otherwise the cleanser will get stuck in your hair! If you get best effective ways to remove your make up properly check here.

Lips Make Up

the right way to put on makeup

I used to battle every night when i had to remove my lips make up. I thought a lot what to use to remove make up. My aunt suggested me to try out something wonderful. First, put a kiss in your hands. It is weird but the extra lip colour will get off. Then apply vaseline or olive oil in your lips. Keep it for few minutes. Then remove it with a swab of cotton wool. Exfoliate your lips with little bit of scrubber. One secret tips of mine is to exfoliate your lips with a soft tooth brush. Your make up as well as dead skin will get removed. Be gentle dear! At last, make it a point to apply a chapstick or lip balm or some olive oil.

Apart from knowing how to properly take off make up you should also know four basic rules of skin care. Cleansing toning, nourishing and moisturizing. After make up removal make it a point to follow these steps.

A toner is needed generally for the oily skin. It is also a skin freshener. The benefits of toning is that it helps in blood circulation. The pores in the skin gets contracted, and it remains firm. Our skin also needs nourishment. Proper nourishment helps to restore the natural oils. To nourish your skin, apply vitamin skin cream. I use vitamin e capsule with a soft cream. It makes my skin rejuvenated. Your facial muscle also remains intact and strengthen. This is very important on best effective ways to remove your make up properly. How to remove your makeup properly is needful.

 Moisturizing  keeps the skin moisturized. it remains moisturized by sealing in the water. The right way to put on make up also needs moisturizing in the first step. As we age, the skin needs more moisturizer. Make it a compulsion to use a moisturizer after shower. Do not neglect your neck, ears and bosom too.