12 Tips of How to Take Care of Dry Skin in Winter

how to take care of dry skin in winter

Winter is the season of peaches and apples. The weather becomes calm and serene. I prefer winters more than the hot and sultry summers. There is no problem of sunburn, skin tan and rashes also. At least in winter, my skin remains non-sticky and oil free also. It is equally true that the cold weather can also play havoc with your skin and also your health. You have to look after yourself in the winter. Does the winter find you feeling rather drab, your skin dry and hair dull and fly away? Don’t worry ladies, I am sharing my top tips of how to take care of dry skin in winter. Time to boost up pretty ladies and learn how to prevent dry skin in winter time.

Never Forget About Oil In Winter

Remedies for dry skin in winter not only talks about applying moisturizer. There is something more you can do. Never take a shower without adding few drops of oil to the water. This helps in making the skin soft and keeps the natural oils intact. You can use grape seed oil, lemon grass or simply few drops of olive oil in the bathwater. I sometimes apply oil after taking the shower. It helps a lot to prevent dryness and roughness of the skin. This is the ultimate winter skin care tips for dry skin.

The Magic of Milk

how to prevent dry skin in winter time

The one of the most effective home remedies for dry skin. I simply love this method. Just pour a pint of fresh milk in the bath water. You will see it dissolve like white clouds. The water becomes soft and after the shower you will feel the radiance of your skin. It also makes your dull dry skin glow. Milk in the bath water will bring a wonderful change in your skin. It is definitely one of the best beauty tips for dry skin in winter season.

Make Your Bathing Time Bit Brief

If you want ways of how to take care of dry skin in winter, bath less. As you already know that during in winter, natural oils from our skin, disappears. Your skin is drier now than at other time of the year. Try to keep your showers bit brief. Bathing before bedtime gives your skin a long soothing opportunity to replace natural oils before you meet the natural elements again. If you’ve sensitive skin, you shouldn’t ignore this simple tip in winter.

Take Care of Your Eyes

In the winter, your eyes also need moisturizing. Use only recommended eye-drops when you’ve been out in the cold and wind. A thorough winter guide will also include this one.

Dreaming Of Pink Lips In Winter?

winter skin care tips for dry skin

Harsh winter weather plays havoc with our looks. One of the most common winter problem we all face, is dry lips. Chapped, sore and peeling lips are really depressing. It is definitely not a pretty sight. What to apply for dry skin of lips? All you need is more than lipstick to protect your lips. Use Vaseline or petroleum jelly or lip balm or lip ice overnight. I generally prefer to wear it when I am not applying any lipstick. Another trick which I do is the toothbrush method. I generously apply lots of vaseline in my lips. Then with a baby toothbrush I exfoliate gently the dry skin. I remove the excessive vaseline with cotton. I apply little bit of olive oil and leave it overnight. All I get is pink lips the next day. What a bliss!

Avoid Soap If Your Skin Is Too Dry

If your skin is basically dry, and if you are thinking what to do about extremely dry skin, then do not use soap and water on your face in the winters. Cleansing lotions are rather better substitutes. These are much milder than soap on your skin. Isn’t effective dry skin beauty tips?

Cream Everyday Will Keep Dry Skin At The Bay

Make friendship with moisturizer for dry skin in winter as those protect your skin from getting dry and rough. Try to apply cream all over your body. Do not ignore your elbows and knees. Whenever I cream my hands, I cup a palm over my elbows and rub. These are the easiest and the quickest ways to save your skin this winter. I love body butters too. They make my skin super soft. I also mix vitamin E capsule with cream and apply it at night. Vitamin E is really the best element for our skin. The result I get is soft, glowing and moisturized skin. You can also try it out.

Put A Shine In Your Hair

best beauty tips for dry skin in winter season

When you think of how to take care of dry skin at home, you should also concentrate on your scalp. Give your hair a warm oil massage, starting from the crown of the scalp and working all the way down through the hair shaft. Try to keep your hair covered when you are going out. Our hair becomes brittle and split in the cold freezing temperatures. Let your hair dry naturally.

Rudolph The Red Nose

What are the other tips for dry skin in winter? Most of us turn out to be Rudolph during winter. If the cold winds make your nostrils red, cream them at night. During the daytime, conceal redness with a touch of foundation tinted slightly deeper in tone from the one you apply on the rest of your face.

Winter Make-up Tips

Treatment for dry skin must include the tricks of applying makeup; otherwise the chemicals can play havoc on your skin. The principle of wearing layers works better in winter, with both make-up and clothing. Three layers of clothing are better insurance against the cold than just one heavy sweater or coat. Similarly, layer your make-up too. One thin slick of lip gloss followed by your lipstick, and then again by a top-on coat of gloss, and similarly, a film of moisturizer on the eyelids, then foundation and finally the shadows and highlights. Fashion colors for the season are warm glowing reds and wine shades for nails and lips. Soft chestnuts, browns and muted greens for eyes to provide a balance.

Concentrate on Your Diet

ways to save your skin this winter

If you want the best solution for dry skin, you should make yourself healthy from inside. Winter is the season of colorful fruits and vegetables. Gorge on those regularly to have a strong immunity and cure skin problems with other ailments internally.

Love Your Sunscreen

To end the list of how to take care of dry skin in winter, love your sunscreen dearly. Many of us think that sunscreen is only for summer. But, remember girls, winter is glares too. So, use a sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside.

So, girls, you will surely get help with these tips on how to take care of dry skin in winter. Remember, these tips are for all. You definitely don’t want to kiss on the rough lips of your boyfriend. Share some tips with him too.