Effective Tips On How To Wear Jeans To The Office-Women

how to wear jeans to the office-women

Coming to think about the most comfortable and smart clothing for any purpose, the only type that comes to our mind is the jeans. The jeans have revolutionized over the years and today it has become the most popular and fashionable outfit of all times. We really cannot think our lives without the jeans. With the advancing fashion trends the jeans have cut the barriers of just being a casual wear, and it has made its place amongst the formals and the official wear as well. Nothing can make the mornings more comfortable than wearing a pair of jeans to your office. But if you are wearing the jeans to your work place, it definitely should not look like a casual wear. So, how to wear jeans to the office-women?

Well, I do have the solutions that will help to make up your mind and pick the right wear for your office and occasions. There are different types of best jeans for business casual . What you have to do is choose them wisely and according to the occasion so that it looks professional.

The Different Types Of Best Jeans For Business Casual And How To Wear Jeans To The Office- Women

Know The Shape And The Size Of Your Body

casual work clothes for women

  • Before you start picking your favorite jeans, it is important to know your size and the shape of your figure.
  • Measure your waist with a tape and know the right inches. Your jeans should not be larger or smaller than the right size. Make sure of it.
  • There are different body types in every women and the basic types are the pear, the bell, the apple, the hour glass, the vase , the cello, the skittle and the
  • If you are a person with a heavy top, then you are carrying most of your weight in your torso. In such case you need to choose a pair of jeans with a slight flare or a boot leg , so that it balances the bottom half of your body.
  • If you have wide thigh and heavy butts, and carry a lot of weight in the hips, then you should absolutely avoid the body hugging slim fits and go those jeans that are straight legged to make your legs look thinner and longer.
  • For the more squarish and rectangular figure, the skin-fit jeans can help you show up some curves.
  • Make sure of the waist level as well.
  • Your waist length should not be too low so that extra flab of skin spills out. At the same time, you should not wear in such a position so that you show any ‘pooch’ of your belly, making your belly look more fat.
  • Your casual work clothes for women should make you look sexy, stylish and beautiful.

The Different Types Of  Jeans You Can Wear To Work

The Boot – Cut Jeans For Women

casual work clothes for women

  • You cannot wear jeans that will look like a casual wear in your workplace.
  • So chose a jeans that looks more like a trouser.
  • The trouser shaped jeans will keep the middle clean due to its flat front.
  • The slight wider shape of the trouser length provides balance to your figure and the belled –hem will make you look taller.
  • Avoid light shades in the work place. It is needed to know on how to wear jeans to the office-women.
  • Black denim or a rich inky blue color will be more suitable and professional.

The Flare Legged Jeans

how to wear jeans to the office-women

  • If you have narrow hip and a broad shoulder, then this flared jeans is just your type to wear in the workplace.
  •  These fit the thighs snugly and flares out slightly down from the knees.
  • A matching jacket or a blazer will make your attire look very chic and authentic.

The Loose Fit Jeans

  • This type of jeans is a loose fit and for the straight legged woman.
  • You can wear it with a collar shirt and an open blazer, which will bring out that professional look.                                                  

Pair Up Your Jeans With Matching Tops

  •  Go for the collar and the full sleeved shirts preferably.
  • You can wear a contrast blazer to give your look a more professional one
  • Your overall outfit should look stylish and authentic.
  • The tunics and the kimono typed tops also works well as an official wear with the jeans.

Choose The Right Accessories

best work clothes for women

  • Keep the accessories light and simple.
  • Wear a single stringed necklace or a single stone ear tops matching with your clothes.
  • Make sure your high heels compliment your dress code.
  • Keep the make up minimum and natural

I believe by now your doubt about how to wear jeans to the office-women, is almost cleared. The pairing of the jeans with a white crisp cotton shirt and a short blazer is I guess the best work clothes for women. This kind of combination definitely looks bright, smart and fashionable. At the same time professional too. The combination and the choice of wearing your attires can change the casual work clothes for women to a complete official look. You can try the both.