How to Wear Saree in Modern Style and Be the Diva of Every Occasion

how to wear saree in modern style

The saree has been in the lime light ever since the ancient times. Its grace and glamour had been unmatchable over the decades. This magical drape brings out the epitome of feminism in every woman irrespective of cast, creed and religion. And now, with the revolution in the fashion industry, the saree has gone overseas and beyond. At the same time the procedure to wear a saree has evolved amazingly. Since it is very traditional Indian attire, it has its own rules of draping. But now it has broken the barrier of traditional rules. I would love to help you out with ways of how to wear saree in modern style to make you look the best.

There are different styles for wearing saree. You can look ethnic and traditional, if you want to, and at same time you can look chic and sexy! You can follow lehenga saree draping styles or wear it like a ghagra style. Just follow these simple ways of wearing the saree so that you look hot and graceful at the same time.

The 3 Basic Necessities You Require Too Wear A Saree       

different styles for wearing saree               

  • Saree – You need to choose the saree first, the one you wish to wear. You can choose silk or cotton or any latest designer sarees which are in fashion You can also buy readymade sarees where you don’t have to be messy with draping or pallu.
  • Blouse – Choose the blouse according to the saree and the type of the fabric. Choose the type of sleeve that will go well with your styling of the saree. Make sure the blouse fits you well.
  • Petticoat – The petticoat is the long skirt you wear under the saree. Make sure the color of the petticoat matches the saree as well as the blouse. Keep the fabric soft and comfortable.

Important Points To Remember Before You Start Wearing The Saree

you are looking gorgeous in saree

  • You need to wear your petticoat tightly so that the saree can be securely tucked.
  • Wear your heels while you are draping your saree. This ensures the right height and length of the cloth while it is perfectly wrapped round the body.
  • When you are preparing how to wear saree in modern style, you need to keep a bunch of clips and safety pins handy as well, so that you can use them when you need to pin the pleats and other sections.

Wearing the Saree in the Modern Styles

Now, let’s check out the steps of latest saree fashion that can give you a sexy and modern look-

Be Bold! Wear It With The Pyjamas

saree wearing styles for wedding

  • This is an easy way to wear saree and it is entirely for the multi tasking, busy women of today.
  • You can easily replace the flowing petticoat with the more convenient pyjamas.
  • Here, definitely comfort is a priority than the grace.
  • You can use the crushed muslin pyjamas in your cupboard for the comfort.
  • This is one of the marvelous saree wearing styles.

When The Twist Is In The Blouse

various styles of wearing sarees

  • While looking for various styles of wearing sarees, you must concentrate on your blouse.
  • To give a flavor of your attitude, you can exchange your old fashioned clichéd blouse with the silhouettes.
  • They are pretty much modern and contemporary.
  • You can also use a men’s jacket or a short kurti to go with the saree.
  • Make sure they are matching well and give that confidence of carrying yourself well.
  • You can also wear your jacket over your sari and use metallic motifs and ribbons for that extra highlight.
  • The kurta corset also helps you to hide that flab around your belly.

Get Trendy- Follow The Newest Fashion

style of wearing saree in party

  • How about pairing your saree with a belt?
  • It is the latest trend in wearing a saree.
  • It brings out that hour glass figure making you look hot and sexy.
  • You can choose from variety of option while choosing the belt.
  • It can be a metallic heritage belt or the kamarbandh or a more ornamental string that highlights the sexy curve of your waist.

The Off-Shoulder Attraction

easy way to wear saree

  • When you are thinking of how to wear saree in modern style and at the same time it should look trendy, you can opt for the off shoulder style.
  • Nothing can more sensuous as an off shoulder saree that flaunts your collar bone.
  • Make sure to choose a light fabric that drapes well around your figure and looks like a gown downwards.
  • The off shoulder style will go best with the Chinese-collar blouse or an off shoulder blouse.

Go Retro! Be Bollywood !

latest saree fashion

  • Remember the legendary actress Mumtaaz from Bollywood of yesteryears?
  • Fashion never seizes to get old. It only becomes retro!
  • If you are in a mood to try out the vintage saree wearing styles for wedding, then you can spice up your evening with a pure retro style.
  • The blouse should be cropped and you cannot simply miss out on that ‘gajra’ to complete your look.

The Sultry Neck Drape Will Never Fail You

lehenga saree draping styles

  • Look sexy, look hot.
  • Wear your sari and your sensuousness together.
  • Instead keeping your pallu over your shoulder, just wrap it round your neck like a scarf.
  • This will be style of wearing saree in party, totally hot and happening.
  • Give your saree two wraps around your neck or you can tie a knot.
  • You can opt for a halter neck blouse or a three quarter round neck.
  • Both ways, you are going to rock for sure.

Now, you know how to wear saree in modern style. Yes, you are looking gorgeous in saree. Just make sure you wearing the right style according to the occasion. Wear your make up and jewels according to the style of your sari. It is important to highlight your attire to make yourself look attractive. Above all, your personality and confidence matters the most.   Wear a warm smile and enjoy your party and be sure to look gorgeous!