Planning a ‘Baby moon’? You Need Important Travel Tips for Pregnant Women

important travel tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a journey of a girl to be a complete woman. The feeling to create a new life gives you the happiness of the Creator. But the journey is not easy. The physical and mental changes often make a pregnant lady frustrated and depressed. The morning sickness, sudden head spin, back pain, nausea, etc. makes her irritated and therefore, mood swing is natural. But, this is the time when you should be in happy mood and relaxing as that will keep your baby relaxed.

What can you do to enjoy your pregnancy? Why not plan for travelling? You may be confused whether it is a safe plan at this condition or not. Doctors and many airlines often don’t allow travel after 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. But, if you be careful and follow certain important travel tips for pregnant women, travelling can be only fun without any hassle.

How to Travel When You are Pregnant

Travelling, in maximum times, gives you fun-filled experience. While you are down with the troubles of pregnancy, it is one of the best ways to feel better. You may think that you can’t manage on plane or can’t adjust in the hotel rooms. But if you know the ways to travel during pregnancy, you can gift yourself a wonderful time. What are the helpful tips for travelling while pregnant? Read on to know more-

Choose the Destination Carefully

helpful tips for travelling while pregnant

It is one of the basic and important travel tips for pregnant women. This is the time when you should control your adventurous nature. Avoid any long distance flight as those can be quiet uncomfortable during pregnancy. Choose a destination with 2-3 hours flight distance. Instead of continuous travelling, break your journey into overnight staying at places. Thus, you can enjoy the areas and also can take required rest. It is very important to choose a place where you can have medical help at any emergency. If travelling to a place requires any kind of vaccination, avoid it during pregnancy. Always research well about the place before travelling.

Plan Early

If you want helpful tips for travelling while pregnant, this is the tips you really need. You must plan beforehand about the things you need to take. The time of travelling should be enough so that you can get regular intervals for toilet and to rest. Planning always keeps you in favorable condition. Still, if you have to wait long for flight delay or bad condition of weather, you must carry a pillow to give your back some rest.

Always Carry Water

Pregnant ladies become dehydrated faster than other persons. Dehydration for long time will make you feel sick. Never forget to carry enough water and keep hydrating yourself repeatedly. Just ensure that you know the location of bathrooms at airport or on the airplane.

Take Breaks

how to travel when you are pregnant

What are more ways to travel during pregnancy? Whether you’re travelling by plane, bus, train, car or boat, there are certain tips that can provide comfortable journey. Never forget to stretch after certain period. This can prevent feet swelling, muscle cramps and heartburn. If you are driving, you must stop at the roadside shops to look for things you need and to enjoy the nature for a while.

Have Your Own Food

When you think about how to travel when you are pregnant, you must consider this point. Maybe your physician has prescribed a special diet for you. Breaking this guideline may not go well for your health. Take your food and snacks while travelling.

Pack Wisely

How to travel when you are pregnant? The easiest answer of this question is to pack wisely. Large and heavy luggage can make you more uncomfortable while moving from a place to another. Also, you must carry such clothes and shoes which can make you comfortable. For example, you should take dresses where your baby bump gets room to grow. Always carry flat footwear than heels or covered shoes. During pregnancy, swelling feet is a usual condition. Any covered shoes can be rubbed on your feet.

Inform the Flight Attendants

helpful tips for travelling while pregnant

Are you travelling alone? Then you must inform the flight attendants about your condition, so that they can take good care when needed and arrange aisle seat so that you can use bathroom without disturbing others.

Consult Your Doctor

The most important travel tips for pregnant women is to take advice before embarking on a journey. Your doctor will give you the best advice whether you are able to manage while travelling. They may also make a health chart to follow while you are away. Put his/her name on the top of your call list.

Following these important travel tips for pregnant women can make your journey a memorable experience. It is the time when you can spend some beautiful time with yourself and your partner before welcoming an angle to your family.