The Drastic Negative Effects of Social Networking on Marriages

Negative Effects of Social Networking on Marriages

Hi guys, how are you? I am a little bit upset, you know. Actually, last Sunday I attended a reunion of my school friends. Childhood friends, golden memories, nostalgia- you know how thrilling it can be. But, it didn’t go well too much. One of our friends, Kia, is staying apart from her husband. No, they’re not divorced yet, but things are not going well. Now, you may think I am telling you a common phenomenon of today’s world. But, you’ll be surprised to know the reasons of their separation. At least, we got a shock. It is social networking site. Can you imagine that Facebook and Twitter is ruining my friend’s life? I thought it is a serious issue, so, here I’m to share the negative effects of social networking on marriages.

Social Networking Sites- Blessing or…….

During the 21st century, we are living in a fast moving world. In this world, everything is connected by a simple click. The positive aspects of social media have improvised our lifestyle.

  • We can now get connected to anyone, anywhere at any time.
  • Making friends to new people is so simple now.
  • Sharing thoughts and pictures are the ways of being popular.
  • You can even find your long-lost friend, as we do while arranging our reunion.

But, these don’t mean that you’ve to check your account at the middle of night to see how many ‘Likes’ you get. I mean, how will you feel if your hubby or wife to this?

Actually, every coin has two sides. In the past few years, social networking sites have many negative impacts too. Especially it is affecting relationships these days. The addiction to social networking sites is no less than the addiction to drugs or alcohol. This generation is facing more issues like divorce and breakups. Many researchers have found out that the negative effects of social networking on marriages are increasing. Still it is a debatable topic.

Why Debate?

positive aspects of social media

Facebook the most trending social networking site have over 1 million users. This is the platform where both the couples are changing their pictures, stalking each other, updating status as well as meeting new people. I hear from my aunts and my mother that that they spend more quality time with their partners. But I truly doubt that whether there is any quality time concept these days. Can excessive social networking harm marriages? Yes! Many of the couples devote maximum time on social networking. Even if they are travelling somewhere they are busy taking selfies to update on their social networking sites. Do you know that a recent study has proved that taking selfies constantly can be a symptom of mental disorder? Why not go and enjoy the world! These days couples are also busy posting their personal, even private pictures on their social networking sites. This in the long run causes many complications.

Impact of Social Media on Relationships

How social media can negatively affect your marriage? Imagine if your spouse is snuggling a lot with their smart phones then it is definitely a danger sign. He or she might be busy getting involved with other people. How many people values face to face communication these days?

  • Intruding Your Privacy

addiction to social networking sites

Social media also intrudes our privacy. Our personal life becomes a public affair easily. The most intimate details or moments between the couples can easily fall prey to the wrong hands. Our spouse might also feel possessed if you are hanging out more with your friends. Here comes the addictive stalking side of your spouse. Then trust issues arise in the couples and they fall apart. You’re aware about cyber crime. Is it safe to share your personal infos and pictures all the time? Give it a thought.

  • Addictive

Recent studies show that 63% people logs into their social networking site multiple times daily. Yes, we are all addicted and we remain busy commenting, liking and updating status. Actually we are busy getting involved in other people’s life.

  • Rising Restlessness

Don’t you feel uneasy for few hours if you are not using your smart phone and not logging in your social networking profile? Two-third of the social networkers have been observed that they suffer from restlessness. Relax and spend some more time with your spouse. How to protect your marriage from social media is to restraint a bit from the tempting illusion world.

  • Comparing The Social Status

How social media can negatively affect your marriage

Post and pictures on Instagram and Facebook are quite tempting. We often secretly idealise to lead a ravish lifestyle potrayed on the social media. We compare our life with that of others. I have seen many of my friends get a bad day when they see happy pictures of others. A recent study showed that in these ways social media is changing your relationships. A friend of mine nags a lot to her husband whatever she sees other people doing on the social media. These seriously brought a drastic effect on their marriage. Come on are we living in “Alice in a Social World”?

  • Fear and Losing Your True Self

Don’t you feel to attend any event, share any picture or any experience? Does the internet promote or damage marriage? Yes it obviously does! People using more Pinterest are end up losing themself. Most of the wife’s tries to make creative things not for the house but for uploading it in the social media. They try to cook food, bake cakes not for their loved ones. But just to upload it. Why don’t you try to impress and win the heart of your spouse then to impress the world?

  • Are Suffering More From Unhappiness?

addiction to social networking sites

Avid users of Facebook users suffer from mood swings and unhappiness. Those who use less social media remain happier! A sense of dissatisfaction also arises and you become impatient. You don’t have the patience to deal with the minute issues you face in your life. That is the reason why you will see rapid divorce rates. As they want quicker solutions to their problems. These are some negative effects of social networking on marriages.

How to Protect Your Marriage From Social Media?

  • Try to limit the frequency of using your smart phones and social media.
  • The couples should also restrain themselves from becoming intimate with other. This might lead to adultery in the long run.
  • Also keep a transparency with your spouse so that there is no chance of miscommunication and mistrust.
  • Try to spend more time with your spouse and also share passwords with them.
  • I would also suggest you not to meet unknown people from the social media.
  • Keep the magic of love alive in your relationship.

I hope you will realize the negative effects of social networking on marriages and start limiting your craze about it. Actually, nothing is good while it goes extreme. You should know how to keep balance in your life.