Relationship Advice for Teenage Girl to Help Them to Take Right Step


Yes, it happens without the slightest hint. You see him, and your heart misses a beat. You have butterflies in your stomach and your knees turn jelly. You like to hear your favorite love songs and everything around you is just happy and beautiful. You are smitten dear girl, and it is the unmistakable love bug. Sometimes it takes a few meeting till you realize that helpless magnetism for him. Sometimes you are spun around and carried off your feet on the first meet. It’s state of confusion and skepticism. What will be your next move? Does he feel the same for you? Do want to play it around? Or, is it at all for real? If so, how to impress a teenage guy? In such scenario, proper relationship advice for teenage girl is sure to be handy to solve certain doubts.

Dating to me has been a fulfilling as well fun experience and I would like to share my view point and discuss certain relationship and dating advice for teenagers like you –

Share with Your Parents

 When you need advice on relationship or any other matter, this is the best option you have. It is important to share your new feelings and experiences with your parents. Or, whoever you are more comfortable with; either it is dad or mom. They can give the best relationship advice for teenage girl like you. Definitely the concept of dating has changed over the past few decades but talking openly about your feelings will help you bond with your parents better.  It will also help you exchange views and ideas on a more friendly basis, especially in times of teenage relationship problems.

Limitations Are a Priority

advice for teenage girls about life

Tips on teenage dating should be in a way so that teens don’t lose themselves in the twists and turns of life. Falling in love or having a crush should not affect your personality or your dignity. You are still in charge of your life. No one can command over something you do not comply with. Never settle or adjust with anything which you are not comfortable with. Never let anyone talk you into some situation or participation you are not ready for. Nothing can be higher than your priority and respect. It is also a test of a true relationship, whether the guy you are dating, pays enough respect to you or not. These are the things you should definitely consider as an important advice for teenage girls about life.

 ‘No’ Is A Complete Sentence

If you’re not happy in the relationship and think it is not working out, my advice on relationships problems will be to say ‘no’. Never hesitate for once to say it. You do not need to explain yourself to anyone for your decision. If anything you feel is not right or you take a longer time to come to a decision, you establish your opinion with a firm ‘no’.

He Is Your Crush and Not Your Guardian Angel

The best dating tips for teenagers should include the point of self-esteem. Too much of importance is not required. When you are dating a guy from your high school or from your college, it is most likely you may not land up in marrying him. You are just dating a guy and not exchanging the nuptial vows. Teenage dating doesn’t mean to sacrifice your other commitment to your friends and families.  So, do not behave like a puppet under his command. It is important to give priority to your special guy, but that does not mean you are chained to him and do not have the freedom to hang out other good friends.

Do Not Rush

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Just because you are in your teens, and your friends are already hanging out with cool guys, you don’t need to compete if you are not ready for it. This is one serious relationship advice for teenage girl who feel that dating is cool just because you are in your adolescence. It is important to know yourself and your feelings first. Dating and being in teenage relationships is not a game; it is a way of life you choose to live. It is about two people with all likeness and unlikeness common together. If you are not sure of handling yourself confidently, it’s better to take the back seat. Hanging out with close friends and remaining a confident single, is equally cool. Remember this important dating idea for teenagers.

Look Out For the Similar Vibes

Having fun without any respect for each other respect does not take your relationship anywhere. If you need serious love relationship advice, there should mutual respect and understanding in a healthy relationship. But if you find the respect is missing, it’s a hint you need to pick up – keep looking for a better option, girl. No date tips will work in that case. This point is an effective relationship and dating ideas for teenagers to consider.

Know When To Say Goodbye

Know when to shake hands and say goodbye. There should be love, understanding and mutual respect. If you are hurt and shedding a tear, your soul is tarnished and you are embarrassed of your relation, then it’s time to walk away. It might hurt in the beginning but it is worth suffering for sometimes rather than filing a divorce later. According to experts, this is the most important relationship advice for teenage couples.

Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.” John Green

Comunicate Well

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Good relationship advice, whether for teens or grown up people, will surely include this tip. Your guy doesn’t have any super natural power to understand what is cooking inside you. So, rather than holding back; speak your heart out. This is one of the key tips for relationships. The more you talk the more your partner will know you better.

Avoid Pressure

You are in a relationship, not into a pressure cooker. So, don’t do anything under pressure. The best advice for teenage girl is to avoid any kind of pressure, given by your partner. Maybe it is physical intimacy or emotional blackmail, you just keep it in mind that these are the perils of a relationship. If these come while dating a guy, don’t take time to move on.

Guys should also remember certain tips for dating a girl like

  • Respect her
  • Give importance to her
  • State your point clearly
  • Don’t stick into the relationship if you don’t feel it.

After all it is your life and your priority. You have to be careful and must possess a strong mind and equally personal qualities, so that you can carry yourself with grace and dignity and at the same time be the most charming girl around. You need to be well-known about important relationship advice for teenage girl to ensure that you will have some fun, but never at the cost of your happiness.