Simple Nail Art Ideas at Home Step by Step to Get Attractive Nails

simple nail art ideas at home step by step

We all girls tend to die for radiant skin and beautiful long designed nails. Today fashions for nail arts have reached the summit. Most of us are going for it. So here am going to give you some simple nail art ideas at home step by step. With these cute nail art designs, you can get amazing nails and also can take of care of those.

Manicure –

But before you know how to make nail art designs step you need to take good care of your nails. It is recommended to buy nail kit from any beauty store to take proper care of your nails. You can do your manicure at home as well with these super easy

  • Soak your hands in lukewarm water mixed with salt and vinegar or you can use lemon as well. Lemon works as a bleaching agent.
  • Put on some scrubber on both sides of your hands and rub gently to exfoliate your skin. This will help you to get rid of dead skin. Rinse well and pat your skin dry.
  • Use cotton to remove the nail paints and a nail filer to bring your nails into shape.
  • It is recommended to use a cuticle solution and let it sit for about 2 minutes. Then push back your cuticles gently.
  • Wash your hand and pat it dry. Use a hand cream or body oil for softer hands.
  • Cut and shape your nails to avoid them from breaking.

Top 10 Best Nail Art Ideas: –

different types of nail art

Here are some easy nail art ideas which you can easily do it in your home. With these different types of nail art, you can rock your college days and any events.

Gold Floral Design: –

Put the gold nail polish as the base. Use the floral stamping plates to get the floral design on your nails. You are free to choose any color.

Sponge Nail Art: –

Want to be creative with nail paint? You will require quality nail polishes that give a shimmery finish to your nails. You may also require polishes that would give a metallic finish. Combine three to four colors. Put on some glossy coat to make it look perfect. Use the sponge to give special texture. If you want the best nail art designs step by step, go for it.

Sand Nail Art: –

nail designs for short nails

You can get sand nail polishes in beauty shops. They give sand like texture. You can mix and match different colors of the sand nail polishes to get the elegant look. You can also use rhinestones to give special effects to your nails. If you choose colorful nail art ideas, this crazy design can make you look cool.

 Trio Sand Design:

This is a very common and easy nail. The beauty magazines and websites can give you enough ideas about nail art how to do it yourself. You just need to have sand nail polishes and you can freely combine them with three colors of your choice in different shapes.

Sticker Nail Art: –

Different kinds of nail stickers are available these days which would help you to make the desired art easily on your nails. You just need to clean your nails and put on the stickers, then apply the nail polish of your choice. Remove the stickers gently. If you’re looking for designs for nail art for beginners, try this one.

Polka Dot Designs:

best nail art designs step by step

Cut out small circles of paper and press it on your nails. Apply any nail color as your base. Remove the parts of the paper to get white polka dots. You can use any color. One of the best and easiest nail designs for short nails as well as for long ones.

Heart Nails Art :

The tools you need for this style are white nail polish, red heart stickers or red nail color and a thin brush. Keep the white nail color as the base. Either you can paste the red heart sticker on your nails or you can draw it at the centre or at the edge. While searching net for simple nail art ideas at home step by step, go for it.

Clouds Art: –

Put any color as your base. You can use blue. Draw small cloud like structures on your nails or you can use stickers. Follow these best nail art designs step by step.

Starry Nights: –

Use light blue nail color as the base. Get paint brushes and dab on some glitters on your nails with the help of the brushes when your base is semi dry. This will help to hold on to the glitters. Isn’t this beautiful nail designs nail art?

Cone Golden Nails: –

beautiful nail designs nail art

If you want to attempt any simple nail art ideas at home step by step, this is the one you can do easily. Cut out cone shaped papers and stick it on to your nails. Paint your nails with any color of your choice as the base. Take away the cone paper and apply golden color.

Home Remedies To Whiten Nails:-

With these tips to keep your nails brighter and whiter, you can get healthy nails too-

  • Soak your hands in lukewarm water mixed with lemon and vinegar.
  • Put on some white toothpaste and let it dry. Rinse well.
  • Mix baking soda and lime juice and apply on to your nails.
  • Dab your nails with petroleum jelly or with olive oil to get the shine.
  • Hydrogen peroxide helps to whiten nails. Mix it well in water and soak your nails in it for about 2 minutes. Then scrub your nails with a soft toothbrush. Rinse well.
  • Use tea tree oil. You can apply directly or mix it with water.
  • Repeat these remedies regularly to get white nails.

I hope these simple nail art ideas at home step by step and home remedies will be of great help to you.