The Best Important Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

things you should avoid during pregnancy

The time of your pregnancy is always one of the best times of your life. It is a divine feeling only the mothers can experience and the fathers can feel. You feel amazing with the thought of a whole new life thriving in you. And definitely you do not want anything to go wrong with your baby. The duration of your pregnancy will be absolutely enjoyable for sure but at the same time you need to be cautious of the necessary protection and safety measures as well. This is the time for extra caution about the things you should avoid during pregnancy.

I would like to help you how to be healthy as a pregnant mother for baby so that you have a safe and secure stages of pregnancy and enjoy the blissful moments of your nine months. For that, I would suggest the best tips to be aware during pregnancy for healthy baby.

Before, I tell you about the things you should avoid during pregnancy, I would like you to know the certain signs of danger, so that you can prevent yourself from any pregnancy problems by ensuring immediate treatments.

The Major Symptoms Of Emergency In Pregnancy

effective things you should be aware of during pregnancy

  • Be careful when you see unusual fluids leaking from your vagina.
  • You need to be very careful if your head is reeling and you are feeling faint and dizzy.
  • If you see signs of preterm and vaginal bleeding, you must not delay to consult your physician.
  • Do not ignore shortness of breath and mild chest pains. Get immediate help and cure.
  • Weakness in your muscles and when you feel that your fetal movement has alarmingly lessened, you should immediately consult your physician for help.

These are the major things you should be aware of when pregnant. These signs and symptoms need to be taken care of immediately.

Things You Should Strictly Avoid when Pregnant

Avoid Foods Like

Raw eggs, raw meat, fish, alcohol, cheese, unpasteurized milk, liver, vitamin A. these foods are particularly harmful to your baby in some way or the other. Therefore it is advisable not to go for these foods during your pregnancy.

Any Kind Of Stress

tips to be aware during pregnancy for healthy baby

Always try to avoid any kind tension and stress. Mental anxiety may cause back pain, insomnia and constipation. It can also cause your new born to be under weight. If such situation arises, get help immediately and the cure yourself as soon as possible.

Surfing And Skiing

Both Surfing and Skiing are extremely vigorous as well as strenuous sports. Ignore them at all costs. Both of them include random high speed and unexpected sudden falls, which may have very bad effects on your abdomen. The jerks and trauma may cause extreme danger to your pregnancy. This is one of the important things you should be aware of when you are pregnant.


It is an extremely hectic form of physical movement. At the time of doing gymnastics bending and stretching of the body and the legs get involved, which are not at all recommended during pregnancy. It might create major complications and problems.

Avoid Tobacco, Nicotine And Caffeine

best way to be aware during pregnancy

When you are thinking about what should be avoid during pregnancy, then these are not desirable addiction during pregnancy at all. The smoking of the tobacco and inhaling of the nicotine may lead to severe respiratory problem of the bay. Similarly, too much of caffeine may cause miscarriage. You should not take more than 200 mg of caffeine in a day while you are pregnant. It is one of the most effective things you should be aware of during pregnancy.

Avoid Aspirin And OTC Medications

Do not take any medicines over the counter (OTC) or take the aspirin tablets without the prescriptions of your medical practitioner. A dose of self prescribed medicine may cause damage to the fetus as the chemicals are transferred to the baby through the blood.

Horseback Riding

Definitely this is another activity, you need to excuse yourself out from completely. The vigorous jerking while you are riding a horse, has its direct impact on your pelvic region and lower abdomen, which is not at all safe during pregnancy.


Definitely you know, tennis needs running across the court. Or even if it is table tennis, you require equal alertness and agility to play it. Pregnancy is not the time for such rigorous physical movements. Instead your baby needs a lot of care and rest during these months.


what should be avoid during pregnancy

While you ride bicycle, the shifting centre of the gravitational pull affects your balance. Therefore, it is not at all advisable to ride a bicycle when you have conceived.

Rides In The Amusement Parks

Those sudden whimsical rides and frenzied unexpected twists and turns are extremely harmful for your baby. The sudden changes in the movements and sudden landings on your hips may send worst kind of jerks to your baby which may turn out to be dangerous. It is one of the important things you should avoid during pregnancy.

Scuba Diving

This is absolutely not the sports to be perused during pregnancy. The water pressure and the air bubbles have unequal pressure effects on your system, which can prove to be life threatening to you and your baby.

I have shared with you the best tips to be aware during pregnancy for healthy baby. I believe these are the best way to be aware during pregnancy. Since the most sensitive time, where you are developing the most precious bond of your life time, you will not want anything to go wrong with it. These are the absolute basic things about what should be avoid during pregnancy.  I wish you a healthy and joyful nine months, and many happier moments.