Tips and Tricks about How to Stay Young and Beautiful with Home Remedies


How would Rip Van Winkle feel if his story reversed from what had happened? If he found himself as a handsome youth of 20 after waking, I am sure he would jump up into joy. We, all, want to stay younger and look beautiful. The actors and actresses are our role model and we surprise, being the same age, they look half of ours. You consider this as their luck and I prefer to find ways to hold my youth. This time I’m sharing some simple homemade beauty tips get younger looking skin. With these tips on how to stay young and beautiful with home remedies, you can stop untimely ageing.

Natural Ways to Remain Young

There is no doubt that you will grow old and have to face the inevitable changes of time. Wrinkles, gray hair, etc. are common phenomenon. Does that mean you surrender to the time and look awful? Never. I’m not telling you to fight against time (that’s not possible, too). My suggestion is to keep your skin healthy so that you can avoid premature ageing. With natural beauty tips for face, you can sustain your youth for long time.

Honey and Almond Scrub

What are natural ways to make my face look younger

Women often ask, “What are natural ways to make my face look younger?” Actually, the anti-ageing crèmes and lotions are full of chemicals which have certain side effects on your skin. With home remedies you can avoid such kinds of threat. Dust and dead skin cells make your skin look dull and pale. Regular exfoliation is very important to keep your skin youthful. Try honey and almond scrub to get your goal. Grind almonds and make a paste with honey. Rub this paste on your skin, gently. Wash off with lukewarm water. Almond works as wonder rejuvenator while honey moisturizes your skin.

Rice Water

This is one of the age-old beauty tips for fairness. Why to use market-made face wash while you have such an easy homemade face wash? This is an ingredient which is available almost at every household. Collect rice water and let it be cool. Wash your face regularly. Rice water energizes your skin, lightens skin tones and eliminates blemishes, cleanses and tightens skin pores and push away the signs of ageing.


how to stay young and beautiful with home remedies

Do you have oily skin? The excess sebum can clog your pores and makes your skin look lifeless. Cornstarch is an effective way to absorb the oil and make your skin glowing. Make a paste of cornstarch and water. Apply on your face and rub gently. Wait until it dries. Wash with lukewarm water. Regular use can solve your problem of oily skin. This is how to stay young and beautiful with home remedies.

Egg White and Orange Mask

While you’re applying anything to hold your youth for longer, how can you forget about this. These ingredients rejuvenate your skin and lift your skin from getting loosened. Orange is full of antioxidants and vitamins which revitalize the dullness of your skin and brighten your skin tone. On the other hand, egg white is rich in proteins which boost up the production of skin brightening properties like collagen and elastin. Also, eggs help to wipe out fine lines and enlarge the pores to detoxify your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

simple tips to get younger looking skin

When you think of what are natural ways to make my face look younger; consider this as an important ingredient. There are mainly two ways to apply this ingredient-

  • First, you can soak a cotton ball into this vinegar and dab it all over your face and neck. Wait for 5-6 minutes and wash with cold water.
  • You can also drink apple cider vinegar every day to make your skin look younger. Make a solution with 16 ounce water and 2tsps of this vinegar and have it every day.

Whatever method you use, check if you have allergy to the acidic components of this vinegar. In that case, avoid it.

Rose Water and Glycerin

Dry skin is more prone to ageing than the oily skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are perils of dry skin. You need something to moisturize your skin from deep down. Rose water is full of antioxidants which revive your skin tissue and makes your skin more flexible. Besides, glycerin is a natural humectant which keeps the moisture in your skin and gives a glowing effect.

Vitamin E Capsule

What are other simple tips to get younger looking skin? You must have heard of the benefits of vitamin E capsules for hair growth. This is also an important ingredient to prevent the effects of ageing. Tear a capsule and apply the gel directly on your face. You can also add it into any face pack you’re using. This capsule enhances skin resilience.

Green Tea and Lemon Toner

natural ways to keep your skin looking younger

Toner is very important to hold the radiance of your skin and keep it youthful and bright. Make a natural toner with these products. Make green tea and left it to cool down. Add few drops of lemon juice into it. Green tea is full of antioxidants which fight against free radicals, eliminates blemishes and dark spots, repair damaged skin and solves any problems of pimples and acne. The vitamin C in lemon revitalizes your skin by boosting up skin radiance.


You can’t stop your growing age, but can fight against fine lines and dark circles. Cucumber is your weapon. Make juice out of it and apply everyday around your eyes. Wash off after 10 minutes. Apply moisturizer. Isn’t it one of the best natural ways to keep your skin looking younger?

Papaya and Honey

One of the essential tips on how to stay young and beautiful with home remedies. Smash ripe papaya and add honey to it. Mix the ingredients well. Apply on your face and neck in circular motion. Remove after 5 minutes. The enzymes, flavonoids and antioxidants in papaya make your skin firm and toned.

Do you get now how to stay young and beautiful with home remedies? Home care is very essential to get young and glowing skin. Besides, you should limit your stress, have more vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly, and the most importantly, feel young to remain young.