Is Devil Making You Doing Wrong? Follow Tips on How to Control Your Anger

tips on how to control your anger

Undoubtedly it is the worst of all emotions. Just because of uncontrollable anger, I and my friend Kia won’t talk anymore. We miss each other; we feel for each other. But it was her snapping nature that’s make me irritated a lot. In small matters, she starts arguing and within a moment she becomes ferocious. I know if I give her directly these tips on how to control your anger, she will start snapping again. Rather I’m sharing the methods here for all those people who have uncontrollable rage in small matters. Remember, while you’re cursing someone in anger, it’s just your evil side talking. Know how to kill that with simple therapy.

Causes of Anger

Obviously, these are divergent for different people. Still, some common reasons are maybe-

  • Anxiety about career and financial well-being
  • Frustration for the same and other reasons
  • Being insulted by someone’s behavior or words
  • Anything against your principles, etc.

 Symptoms of Anger

best way to control anger

  • Shouting
  • Threatening
  • Exaggerating
  • Headaches
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Palpitation
  • Fatigue

Do you think any of these symptoms will hamper the mental and physical stability of the person you’re angry at?

Anger Management

What is anger management? It is some techniques to know the signs of your anger and control those with a positive attitude. That doesn’t mean you hold the angry feeling in you and outburst later. It just makes you learn how to get control on anger and eliminate it from your mind.

It you try these simple anger management techniques then, I guess you can take control over any situation efficiently. I am going to help with 10 ways to control your anger, which will be extremely beneficial for you.

Hold Yourself Before You Speak Your Mind

It takes years of trust, faith, respect and love to build a relationship or friendship.

  • Once you speak your mind, you cannot take it back anymore.
  • Make sure you mean what you are saying, and to whom.
  • One wrong word, one wrong expression can cost you the bonding for your entire lifetime.
  • When you are angry you do not always mean what you say,
  • Be careful and just hold yourself back
  • Give a careful thought to what you want to blurt out.
  • Remember, you cannot stop a sped arrow.

Take this one of the best tips for controlling anger.

Make Your Point Not Sound

simple anger management techniques

When your perception clashes with the other person, and you fail to make the other person put across your point of view, you get angry. You may have to face any situation that is bothersome, abusive and frustrating – anger is normal here. But just hurtling a set of meaningless words cannot solve the problem. It just can make matters worse. Therefore it is important to take deep breath and put across your point in a clear and straight manner, with the support of proper evidence and without unnecessary screaming. You do not need to hurt anybody to explain yourself. This just another simple anger control tips.

Identify The Problem

This is one the best tips on how to control your anger.

  • Do not beat around the bush.
  • You are getting nowhere by doing this, and on the other hand you are just confusing your partner and getting building more frustrated yourself.
  • It is important to get to the root of the cause of your problem.
  • You need to deal it right there.
  • Speak to your friend, partner or family member about the situation you do not agree with.
  • There is always a space that allows mutual agreement, with a little adjustment from both the sides.

Take Break Before You React

This practice saves a lot of unwanted bitterness and the best way to control anger.

  • Give yourself sometime to settle down.
  • Whether it is in your professional field or personal, it’s regarding your kids or any social matter, it is important to break away temporarily.
  • You can go for a brisk walk or remove yourself from the situation physically and spend some time with yourself.
  • This will help you come to term with your anger and help you solve the situation without getting angry.

Fitness Is Important

10 ways to control your anger

If you want to get rid of this negative emotion, I’ll advice you to exercise regularly. Keep yourself fit because this one of the best tips on how to control your anger. Practice some exercises on a regular basis. This can control your stress level to a large extent. Go for meditation, not for medication!

Try Not To Blame Without Authentication

It is not rational to palm off any situation on to another person without knowing the truth.  It is important to make sure you know the real reason behind the problem. If it is you, do not hesitate to owe up.  Not always a situation goes wrong based on any single person.  You can treat a situation differently as well. After you return from your work, you can always say that “why is it every time I have to do the cooking”, instead of blaming directly by saying “you never do anything to help me out.” This difference does matter lot.

Learn To Forgive

There is something magical about forgiveness; you start to heal yourself from the wrath of anger within you. Anger is a vice that brings you down as a person, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were. Forgiveness makes you better person and takes you to a higher level of humanity. By forgiving someone you are not approving how they wronged you but you no longer allow the wrong to define you.

Hold On To Your Humor

How do you manage your anger? Keep your humor up your sleeve at any time. It is said that if find humor in any difficult situation, you win half the battle.  Humor is that subtle spark in you that can turn a whole situation around. Everyone loves a laugh. And when you make person laugh in a hard situation you have his respect and acceptance instead… When you perceive a situation through a sense of humor you instantly lighten the pressure point.

Know How To Relax

how to get control on anger

Always remember that stress and anger is who you think you should be and when you are relaxing, it is the real you.  Therefore it is important to practice relaxation. It will help you solve a situation more efficiently.

  • You can practice deep breathing, or
  • Chant a hymn that gives you solace and calms you down.
  • Music is a one of the great ways to cool you down when you are flustered and angry.

Get Help If Required

Anger is a natural emotion. But there times when you lose control over your feelings and the anger reaches to a level of destruction and misery. This is not desired. When the damage is extensive, both for you and your loved ones, it is always wise to seek professional help. A proper counseling and medication can help you to great extent. But this is only applicable in extreme situation only.

Remember, anger is the ultimate destroyer of your own peace of mind. So go ahead and make yourself a better person and the world a happier place to live in with these tips on how to control your anger. We need it direly, trust me.