Top Ten Simple Tips on How to Get Better Sleep

tips on how to get better sleep

Sleep is imperative for mental and physical health. It is one of the best natural restoratives. If you are having sleeping trouble, deprived of sleep, you will definitely become mentally disordered and imbalanced. Eight hours of sleep is necessary for any human being. I believe that there is no exact formula for just how many hours you personally need in a day. Many people can comfortably sleep for four to six hours while few people needs ten hours of sleep; whereas the infants need an average of twelve to fourteen hours each day. If you are lacking sleep in your life then just follow these easy tips on how to get better sleep. A balanced life needs lots of slumber friends!

Keep a Check on Your Biological Clock

What are the vital ways to get good sleep? The most important thing to develop a routine slumber is to maintain a schedule in your life. Many people suffer from insomnia, due to unscheduled lifestyle. If you have the habit of sleeping till the noon, then you will develop less sleep. Maintain a fixed time when you will go to sleep and rise up. The body will get used to the routine. It is always advisable to sleep early and rise up early. Remember not to go to sleep just having your dinner!

Don’t Be a Couch Potato

best tips for good sleep

Exercise for good sleep at night is must for those who are suffering from insomnia and sleep apnea. To improve your sleep you should be actively involved in any sort of physical activities. People who are less involved in exercises, they suffer more from insomnia. In a recent study conducted by the Northwestern University’s Department of Neurobiology and Physiology, people you got engaged in aerobics, they win over their sleeping difficulties. But friends, never workout before going to sleep; it is harmful for the body. You can practice meditation before sleeping. It will also improve your sleeping conditions.

Avoid Alcohol

One of the simple tips to improve your sleep is to avoid alcohol. I have seen many of my friends, drinking alcohol before going to sleep. Then I heard from them that they still suffer from sleepless nights. Yes it is true your body will become light by drinking alcohol and you will fall asleep. But your body gets dehydrated too. Once it wears off, your sleep will get disrupted and then it will be hard to get sleep.

Avoid Watching Television

One of the best tips for good sleep is to switch off your television and shut down your laptop before going to bed. The blue light disturbs your sleep a lot. Most of us have the habit of watching midnight serials and movies. These disrupt the sleep. Try to avoid using your laptop or your television before heading toward the bed.

Keep a Check on Your Diet

what to do to for good sleep

Another effective tips on how to get better sleep. The ways to get better sleep every night is to avoid caffeine products like tea, coffee, chocolates and soft drinks. Try to eat light at night and eliminate spicy food at night. You’ll surely overcome your sleeping problems soon.

Avoid The Temptation of Sleeping Pills

If you are having issues to get good sleep, then you should not consume sleeping pills. It makes the heart weaker. They are the artificial means of inducing sleep. You are bound to develop a headache and you won’t feel fresh also. The best ideas for better good night sleep are dark rooms and comfortable pillows.

Warm Bath Helps in Better Sleep

If you are thinking how to get better sleep, then have a warm bath before going to the bed. Your body cells will relax and calm down. I will also advice you to drink warm milk. Calcium is one of the natural tranquilizers. Calcium lactate tablets also helps in getting better sleep.

Use a Good Pillow

tips and tricks to help you get better sleep

Propping your head on a pile of pillows will give you a double chin and a snore. Remember to use a single flattish pillow. The tips for sleeping well tell you to pour a bit of lavender or lemon grass oil in your pillow. The aroma will calm down and soothe your nerves. You can also keep these aromatic oils in your rooms for better experience.

Please Don’t Smoke

If you’re thinking of what to do to for good sleep, quit tobacco. Smoking before sleep will excite your nerves. Non smokers enjoy better sleep. Nicotine causes breathing problems as well as sleep apnea. So eliminate smoking as soon as possible!

Choose The Right Mattress

Are you looking for tips and tricks to help you get better sleep? Check out your sleeping medium. The importance of a medium soft mattress can never be stressed enough. Other than giving you a backache and other back trouble, a mattress that is too soft can be very uncomfortable as one tends to sleep on it in a slumped position. Try to raise the lower part of the mattress i.e. the foot end so that you sleep with your feet elevated to about six inches or a foot above head level.

If you’ve tried all these tips on how to get better sleep and nothing can give you the peace at night, you need help. Don’t wait for any miracle. Consult a physician and he’ll surely guide you with required medicines and other advices.