Tips on How to Lose Weight without Exercise Can Keep You Out from the Boredom of Regular Exercise

tips on how to lose weight without exercise

Let’s make it clear first: you’re aware of dieting and exercising. You know these two are key points to lose those extra pounds. Similarly, it is also true that following a strict diet chart or exercise schedule needs lots of willpower and work. How to lose weight fast without exercise? Simple dieting plan and keeping yourself active are the answers of your question. It happens to many people who wish to exercise but don’t get enough time for that. They should follow useful tips on how to lose weight without exercise.

How to Lose Weight without Trying Hard

What exercise can lose weight? Actually, there are many. You can go to gym or appoint a personal trainer at home to lose weight faster. But, if you don’t get time for those, what can you do? Are you into some physical activities like swimming or playing tennis? You don’t need anything more to do to lose weight. Your everyday lifestyle gives you several chances to shed extra ponds. Try to take stairs instead of elevators; don’t have sugar and milk whenever you have tea or coffee, avoid sugar-coated beverages, and many more. Let’s see how to lose weight without exercise at home-

Count Calories

best way to lose weight fast naturally without exercise

The best way to lose weight fast naturally without exercise. If you count your regular calorie intake that will help you to cut down your weight. Usually, you need to curb 500-750 calories regularly to keep your weight under control.

Write down Your Meal Plan

Do you need effective tips for losing weight without diet or exercise? This is what nutritionists suggest to cut your growing weight. First, plan how much calorie you need to take regularly. Dieticians suggest having almost 1200 calorie regularly. Now, break the total calories into small meals and snacks and write down your plan. Thus, you can keep record of how much calorie you’re taking and where you can cut down some of it.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Consider this one of the helpful tips on how to lose weight without exercise. What is balanced diet? If you follow the following food circle, you will know how to slim down without exercise

  • Keep yourself full with fruits and vegetables. Apart from tropical fruits (mango, pineapple, jackfruit, etc.), you can have any kind of seasonal fruits and leafy green and colourful vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, etc. These are full of vitamins, antioxidants, fibers and minerals to keep you hale and hearty.
  • Whole grain foods are rich source of fiber and several vitamins and other nutrients. Include oats, quinoa, millet, brown rice, etc. to your regular diet.
  • Protein is very necessary to keep you full for hours and decrease your cravings for carbs. Eggs, fishes, chicken; dairy products, etc. should be there in your daily diet. Just keep any one thing per day.

Snack Time

how to slim down without exercise

Many people believe that the more you eat the more you gain weight. This is not a right concept. If there is 5-6 hours gap between your meals, you can have some snacks. Thus, you won’t gobble up food at your meal time which is a good reason of weight gain. Snack means not chocolate or cold drinks. You can have a small bowl of salt-free popcorn or two toasts of brown breads. A bowl of cereal can do well. This is how to lose weight without exercise at home.

Drink as Much as You Can

You know well what exercise can lose weight. But, you don’t have time to follow those regularly. Do you know how water can solve your problem? Usually, we feel thirsty or hungry because of the effects of similar hormones. You may not understand you’re thirsty and eat more. As a result, you gain weight. From now on, whenever you feel hungry, drink water. If you still feel the same, go for eating. Doctors suggest 8 liters water a day. You can alternate it with smoothies, lassi, homemade fruit juices, etc.

Change Your Cooking Technique

When you want the tips for losing weight without diet or exercise, bring changes to your cooking style. Any healthy foods, cooked in butter, ghee or sunflower oil can’t help you to achieve your goal. For example, you love chicken. Why to add fat to your waistline by eating butter chicken? Go for chicken soup and toast and see the magic within few weeks.

Avoid Alcohol and Beverages

how to lose weight without exercise at home

The best way to lose weight fast naturally without exercise is to avoid these. While you don’t get time to burn your calories fast, why to add more by having these? Continue consumption of sweetened tea or coffee, cola, alcohol, etc. can make weight loss a pain.

Get Enough Rest

One of the most helpful tips on how to lose weight without exercise. Eight hours sleep is necessary to be energetic and lively. Several studies have shown that people, who take adequate rest of 6-9 hours a day, lose weight faster than those who don’t.

Hopefully, you consider these as valuable tips on how to lose weight fast without exercise. Follow these to get positive result. Never forget to take your weight on the same date of every month. You can also reward yourself after losing some pound.